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  Awesome! 05-26-11

       Awesome! - (southwind)     05-26-11 - 1:18 AM
    Great 'witch-hunt' research recall. All the more reason now to saturate the
    U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate from every State and Commonwealth in this
    country 'to successfully lobby', if necessary, and to 'add' or 'modify' an
    Amendment via our cause. And, to 'cite' such that example of negative
    corporate/politicical strong-armed regression so to cease their bully
    oppression again us, the natural-path movement (NPM). Hense, the NPM to
    not war-machine, profit-scalp, and side-step its own customer-base.
    Furthermore, the bottom-lined goal is to offer and educate the underdog
    (us) with 'natural, successful, and reasonable priced alternatives; lest we
    become a 'laughing-stock' result in eyes of the very establishment
    prohibiting our intended long-term successes. Afterall, sadly, the example
    of 'Prevention Magazine' being bought-out by multi-generationally-owned
    companies whom of which are ultimately owned, ruled, and modified by 'the
    rouge-intended' with 'pro-drug-company agendas', we would need to protect
    ourselves, and our causes, from the same counter-productive infiltrations.
    Remember (and caution): Money talks, and the B.S. continues to walk. Good
    luck and best wishes to us all.

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