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Travelling to Plas y Brenin
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    Using This Message Board
      Welcome to our new transport message board. The idea is that if you're travelling to Plas y Brenin on a certain date by leaving a message and your e-mail address here you may be able to get in touch with others who are travelling on the same date. It may prove possible to meet up and travel together, share a car etc etc. It's up to you.

      Please don't leave other kinds of messages here but if you would like us to set up another message board for another subject just E-mail

    Summer IML Assessment
      I'm on the Summer IML Assessment 25th-28th August and flying out to Geneva on Tuesday 18th August (flight arrives Geneva at 1755). I would like to then travel on to Samoens or nearby. Is anyone on a similar flight or able to offer any assistance in this?Obviously am happy to pay my share. Thanks. Richard,
      [Date=10-08-2015]    Name:Richard Godfrey, [Message Id=2442793]

    Driving from SE
      Is anyone driving to PYB from London area/ SE England this weekend and able to give someone a lift, or looking for a lift?

      I am travelling from either London or Cambridge on Friday 31st. I can drive but seems a waste of energy to take an empty car. Therefore looking for a lift or people to fill car.

      [Date=10-08-2015]    Name:Tom, [Message Id=2440113]

    Lift from PyB centre to Llandudno Junction on the 21st
      Hi, I need to catch a train from Llandudno Junction station on the 21st evening at 17:37. Unfortunately the buses run by the centre only leave at 17:30 and the website advised not to book any train before 18:30! 

      If I don't catch that train (or don't get a car share all the way back to Bath, I have made another post for that), my next option is to catch a train at 4:30 in the morning which I'm not too keen on. 

      So if anyone can give me lift to the station so that I get there before 17:30, I'll be eternally grateful.


      [Date=23-07-2015]    Name:Vipin Ajayakumar, [Message Id=2438698]

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      Lift from PyB centre to Llandudno Junction on the 21st 23-07-2015 Vipin Ajayakumar   
      Bath/London to Pyb (16th Aug) and back (21st Aug) 22-07-2015 Vipin   
      Lift required PyB to Llandudno Junc 9th July 24-06-2015 Mark   

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