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Travelling to Plas y Brenin
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      Welcome to our new transport message board. The idea is that if you're travelling to Plas y Brenin on a certain date by leaving a message and your e-mail address here you may be able to get in touch with others who are travelling on the same date. It may prove possible to meet up and travel together, share a car etc etc. It's up to you.

      Please don't leave other kinds of messages here but if you would like us to set up another message board for another subject just E-mail info@pyb.co.uk

    IML W.Assessment 9-13 March
      IML (Winter Assessment) 9-13th March. If anyone is travelling from Barcelona Airport on sunday the 8th and returning on the evening after the course for a post 5pm flight then please get in touch if you would like to share a hire car.



      [Date=21-01-2015]    Name:Nick Draper nick_draper@hotmail.com, [Message Id=2383200]

    16th to 18th Jan PYB Scotland
      Hello, I am going on the winter skills course in Scotland on the 16th to the 18th January. I am travelling from York by car. Is anyone interested car sharing with me? I can pick up on route or don't mind diverting a little to pick people up. Please email me if fancy car sharing? Many Thanks Sarah

      [Date=04-01-2015]    Name:Sarah sfjono88@yahoo.co.uk, [Message Id=2378528]

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