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Travelling to Plas y Brenin
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      Welcome to our new transport message board. The idea is that if you're travelling to Plas y Brenin on a certain date by leaving a message and your e-mail address here you may be able to get in touch with others who are travelling on the same date. It may prove possible to meet up and travel together, share a car etc etc. It's up to you.

      Please don't leave other kinds of messages here but if you would like us to set up another message board for another subject just E-mail

    IML Winter Assessment
       Hi folks,
      I'm just planning my travel out to the Pyrenees for the IML Winter Assessment - Feb 22nd to 26th 2016. Wondered what people's plans are and whether we can share car hire etc. Let me know if you're interested.

      [Date=14-10-2015]    Name:Rich Manterfield, [Message Id=2464709]

    Lift from Liverpool area
      Hello potential travellers to Plas y Brenin,

      I am heading to the Austrian Alpine Club AGM this weekend from the 16th - 18th and was wondering if anyone was driving to Plas y Brenin (or somewhere close-ish) on the 16th and would consider car sharing? I live in Liverpool but could also to get to other locations if that helps. 
      Recently moved to the UK from Australia and don't have a car or know my way around too well. I can help with fuel money and/or tasty snacks. Happy to answer all those 'aussie' questions you've had on your mind as well. 
      Thanks everyone!


      [Date=13-10-2015]    Name:Micah, [Message Id=2464111]

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