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Travelling to Plas y Brenin
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      Welcome to our new transport message board. The idea is that if you're travelling to Plas y Brenin on a certain date by leaving a message and your e-mail address here you may be able to get in touch with others who are travelling on the same date. It may prove possible to meet up and travel together, share a car etc etc. It's up to you.

      Please don't leave other kinds of messages here but if you would like us to set up another message board for another subject just E-mail

    IML Le Grand-Bornand 3-7 Jan 17
      I'll have my car in Le Grand Bornand for this training and will be driving back to the UK straight after.  Ferry booked for the morning of Sunday 8th.  Happy to give anyone a lift /share driving.  Ultimately heading for Chester but can drop off en-route or at a station somewhere.
      I'll be in Bavaria and Chamonix area for the 2 weeks prior to this course Skiing, ski-touring and show shoeing if anyone fancies meeting up beforehand and getting a few winter days in.
      [Date=27-11-2016]    Name:Matt Chapman, [Message Id=2597057]

    IML 2nd Jan
      Flying out to Geneva on the 2nd for IML Winter training. Looking to share transport to/from airport on in general area  

      London Luton to Geneva EZY2061 flight Departs: Mon 02 Jan 14:20 Arrives: Mon 02 Jan 17:00

      Geneva to London Luton EZY2068 flight Departs: Sat 07 Jan 21:50 Arrives: Sat 07 Jan 22:30


      [Date=23-11-2016]    Name:Dominic Clatworthy, [Message Id=2595790]

    10-11th jan 2017 car-share from sheffield onwards.
      Hi all.

      I will be travelling up to the lodge on early monday morning and looking for company on the way can meet or pickup on route. 

      Im also looking as stopping the weds night as 5pm finish is too late to travel back down but welcome to return with me again. 

      Not sure if theres a reply on here but can contact me on 07391620835.


      [Date=14-11-2016]    Name:Tom bonnington, [Message Id=2592913]

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