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Oregano Oil

     Last Activity Mar 08 2011       
Started By Paula Webster
Oregano Oil and diabetes 2
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I have been back on a 4 pill 4 times a day of oregano oil for awhile now.
(3 pills 3 times a week for 3 months for asthma. Then due to a return of 3
patches of psoriasis I went to 4 pills 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks
and am continuing still at this rate)The psoriasis is nearly clear.
BUT, during this time I went to my intern for a normal doctor check up
concerning my diabetes type 2. He said "I don't know what you are doing but
keep it up. My overall reading of the average of blood sugar for over 4
months was lower than it had ever been, even since he first diagnosed the
diabetes type 2 many years ago. I once ran in the 500's on blood sugar.
Since that appointment I have had to reduce my insulin from 100 units to 50
units. I take no other diabetes medicine or alternative supplements other
than oregano oil. I do take an alka seltzer once a day about 5 times a
week. I just like its taste and I wanted to make my body more alkaline. I
read somewhere that Alka Seltzer can be toxic when over used. I only take
it once a day when I take it or it makes me sick. But in the past AlKa
Seltzer has had no effect what so ever on my diabetes. I seriously doubt it
does now.

My blood sugar is normal. I drink sodas (never toxic diet
sodas). I eat candy and chips. I fry my meats. I snack up until midnight
many times. But, still my blood sugar is normal with only 50 units twice a
day. Sometimes I skip the morning dose because my blood sugar is low and I
don't want to risk lowering it further.

Oregano Oil is, in my book,
truly amazing.


     Last Activity Jan 28 2011       
Started By cbushey
Usage with other medications
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I was just diagnosed with the flu and put on Tamiflu. Can I take the
Oregano Oil in conjunction with the Tamiflu? If so, what dosage should I


     Last Activity Sep 30 2010       
Started By Paula Webster
Total Clearing of Psoriasis
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I have used Oregano Oil for many years now. I have always had wonderful
sure results with it. Only once, did I have to take it longer than 7 to 10
days. I took it about three weeks. I took 4 capsules 4 times a day.

that time, my skin, had moderate Psoriasis. I had patches of Psoriasis that
had been on my body for several years with no clearing. Nothing seemed to
clear them.

When I took the Oregano Oil for the respitory problem, to
my amazement, all of my Psoriasis cleared up. Every single patch on my body
went away. The last couple of years I wear shorts and short sleeved shirts.
On two occasions, little bitty dime sized spots of psoriasis have tried to
start up. I immediately take Oregano Oil, and they cleared up in a short
time and have not returned.

I hope this helps others to find help with
their Psoriasis.


     Last Activity Jun 18 2010       
Started By fillmore luy
Effects on MIcrobes
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  Hello! We just bought the Oil of Oregano with 85% carvacrol with olive oil base. We use the OoO for my father's nosocomial acquired pseudomonas. We follow the recommended usage stated on the battle 4drops 2x a day except ,for dropping underneath the tongue, instead we pass it thru his NgT tube! After 2 weeks, We re-examine his Gs/Cs to find out the pseudomonas is now not resistant to all anti-biotics (that's a good news) although still moderate in growth. But a new problem arises another pathogenic organism "serratia marcescens" is present in moderate growth and it is resistant to all anti-biotics! What should we do now? Increase the intake to 4drops 4x a day? or does anyone got a good suggestions?



     Last Activity Feb 22 2010       
Started By Moose's Mom
I need some help
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  My wonderful yellow lab was a rescue and came to me with yeast infections between all of his toes and scratching all over.  His toes had a bright pink color between them.  Just recently, I was told by my holistic vet that Moose has to be on a diet of nothing but boiled potatos.  His feet cleared up for the first time, but he couldn't stay on that diet.
I am trying to treat him holistically, but it's been a challenge and totally off the chart in cost.  He's not scratching near as much, but the yeast is coming back.  I am feeding him a high quality fish and sweet potato kibble (Blue Buffalo) giving his specif algae additives and also fish oil capsules.
I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do for him any more.  I've tried everything.  Do you think this Oregano Oil might help.  I am going to try Apple Cider Vinegar as a foot soak to see if that would do anything.  His paws itch and he bites them like crazy.
Surely, Moose isn't the only dog to have this malady...Can anyone help me?
Moose's Mom


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