Domain Name Hosting for your Message Board
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Your Message Board's current website address is:

Anyone, having internet access, can access your Message Board using the website address above.

We offer two other forms of website addresses for your Message Board , both shorter and easier to remember.
However, creation of the Type 2 and Type 3 domain names incur an additional monthly fee(see below).

The domain name(website address) for your Message Board can be one of three types.

The first type(the default) does not incur any additional fee.
An additional monthly fee is associated when using the second or third type.

Type 1- (the default)
No additional fee is charged when using this domain name:

Type 2-
You can have a domain name of the form:
for an additional $4.95/month.
There is no setup or other fees and it can be operational within 24 hours.

Type 3-
You can have a domain name of the form:
This type domain name requires a one time setup fee, a yearly registration fee, and a monthly hosting fee:
The fees for this type of domain are:
$25 one time setup fee
$25 yearly domain registration fee
$10/month domain name hosting fee
Assuming the domain name is available, it can take up to 48 hours to make it operational.

If you want a shorter domain name, send an email to: [email protected],
indicating the type of domain name you want,
either Type 2, or Type 3, and the actual domain name you want.