Email Notification PLUS Explanation

"Email Notification PLUS" is an upgrade to the default Email Notification Capability your board is initially set up with. The feature is entirely optional and not necessary for the operation of your board. The difference between the two capabilities is explained below.

Capabilities Normal Email Notification Email Notification Plus
User can specify which forums are of interest when new messages added x x
User receives an email whenever new messages ares added x x
Users have access to smilie icons/avatars when posting messages x x
Users have access to animated smilie icons/avatars when posting messages x
User receives a copy of new messages within the email notificaiton x
Users can elect to receive email notifications in html format x
Users can reply to new message notifications directly from their email browser x
Your board's default email notification capability, notifies users when new messages have been added to your board, but it does not include the actual content of new messages or allow users to post or reply to messages from their email browser.

Enabling the PLUS feature overcomes this limitation, by including the text of each new message with each email notification and gives users the ability to post messages and reply to messages from their email browser.
This feature also allows messages with embedded html, graphics, and photos to be displayed correctly within the user's email browser. Some users find this convenient, because they can view and post to your board without going to the board directly.

Enabling this feature also makes animated smilie icons available to your users when posting messages. To view sample animated smilie icons Click Here

If you enable this feature, because of the additional resources required, there is a $4.95 monthly fee added to your board's service charge. Yearly subscribers are charged $59.40/yr. (i.e. 12 x $4.95)

Instructions for Posting directly from an email browser

When the Email Notification Plus feature is enabled the user has two ways to Post and Reply directly from their email browser. If a user receives an email notifying him/her of a new message being posted, they can click on the Post or Reply buttons embedded within the email notification message itself, or use the following procedure to post directly from their email program:

To Post a new message or Reply to an existing message send an email to:   [email protected]
where xxxx is your unique Board Code identifier.

You may need to include one or more of the following options in the Subject line when posting a message via an email message
(without the quotes, but do include the brackets):
     "[f=xx]" where xx is the forum/category you're message is to be
         posted into(required)
         xx is the forum/category number, e.g. xx would be 4 if posting into
         the 4th category/forum listed on your board.
     "[n=xx]" where xx is the name of the poster (optional)
     "[m=xx]" where xx is the msgid of the message being replied
         to(required if replying to a message)
Also, make sure you include a short message title in the Subject line.

For example, the Subject line for an email message that is to be
posted into the 3rd forum of a board with board code "Heaven",
might look like this:
    Thoughts on Jim's proposal [f=3][n=Tom Jones]

The composed email would be sent to:
[email protected]

fyi: another way to specify the forum/category to be posted into,
is to use the email address [email protected], where xxx is
your board code and y is the forum or category number...
for example to post into the second forum for board code "heaven"
you would send a post to the email address: [email protected] These instructions are included with each email notification message.

caveat: If your board is password protected, email must be sent from an email address associated with a valid login password.