High Bandwidth Fee Schedule

We have a small percentage of boards(less than half of 1%) that are classified as "High Bandwidth" boards. We offer a different pricing plan for High Bandwidth boards .

A board is identified as a "High Bandwidth" board whenenver the system detects 500 or more "Unique Visitors" per day, for 5 consecutive days. Our definition of a "Unique Visitor" is explained at the bottom of this page.

There is no limit on the number of users or messages for a board. However, there is a significant jump in the monthly service fee, when a board is identified as a "High Bandwidth" board. The service fee for Boards receiving less than 500 Unique Visitors per day is $9.95/month. High Bandwidth Board fees begin at $45/month.

Following is the service fee schedule for high bandwidth boards(over 500 Unique Visitors per day):

Option 1-
       -applicable to boards averaging
         between 500-1000 Unique Visitors per day
       -service fee is $45/month

Option 2-
       -applicable to boards averaging
         between 1000-1500 Unique Visitors per day board
       -service fee is $65/month

Option 4-
       -applicable to boards averaging
         between 1500-3000 Unique Visitors per day
       -service fee is $85/month.

Option 5-
       -applicable to boards averaging
         over 3000 Unique Visitors per day
       -service fee is $150/month.

Boards receiving traffic of over 4000 Unique visits per day will be reviewed to determine if they should be hosted on a dedicated server. Sharing a server with other boards, while incurring this level of traffic, can cause slow response times, for all boards sharing the same server. Call for a quote on separate server hosting.

Definition of a "Unique Visitor"
A Unique Visitor, is defined as one user session... i.e., when a user visits your board, we place a session cookie on his machine to define his one visit. As long as this session cookie is on his machine the user can roam throughout the board, leave the board, visit other sites, and return without causing a new visit to occur.
A new visit would occur if the user closes the browser or is inactive for 30 minutes. When this occurs the session cookie expires, and a revisit to the board will cause an increase in the count of daily unique visitors.