Immediate Email Notification

As the Board Manager, you can designate up to 12 individuals on your board's email notification list to receive immediate email notification. Designating a person to receive immediate email notification causes your board to send an email immediately to that person, as soon as a new message is posted.

Normal email notification occurs once per day, usually around 2:00 am EST US.

A maximum of 12 users are allowed to receive "Immediate" email notification. There is no limit on the number of users who can receive Once per Day notifications.

A board manager can designate a person to receive "Immediate" email notification by first, viewing his board's Email Notification List, and then clicking on a user's email address. When the user's email notification profile is displayed, click the "Yes" radio button next to the option labeled:
"Should user receive Immediate Email Notification of New messages?"

Caveat: This type of Immediate Email Notification is not effective for "Moderated" Boards since, under that configuration, messages are not available until approved by a board moderator or manager. Moderated Boards automatically have "immediate email notification" for board moderators and manager. Board moderators are identified by searching a board's password list for passwords having moderator privilege.