Message Boards vs Blogs - Differences

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Message/Bulletin Boards and Blogs are similar. Both provide an easily updatable website, allowing the owner to post content/messages for other users to view.

The primary difference, usually, is that Blogs only allow the owner to post messages and content. Visitors can view, but not post messages and replies. If visitors are allowed to post, it's almost always in the context of an existing message topic or article the Blog owner created. In other words visitors usually do not post new message topics or articles, but rather respond to what the Blog owner has posted.

A Message board, on the other hand, allows everyone to post new messages and articles as well as replying to existing messages. A general guideline to decide whether to use a Blog or a Message board, is to consider who will be posting messages/content to your board. If only you will be posting, then use a Blog. If you want to allow visitors to post new message topics/articles then use a message board.

We provide both Message Boards(BulletinBoards.com) and Blogs(Blogs.cc) . Our Blogs have features not normally found unless you were using a fully featured message board. Those capabilities include, password protection, smart phone viewer, chat room integration, archiving, private messages, listserv capability, various display formats(threaded, semi-threaded, non-threaded) etc.. Our Blogs are designed to have the same features as the message boards we provide.

You can convert from one format (Blog/Message Board) to another, with the push of a button via your management page. Setting a Blog up with us, gives you additional capabilities you would normally not get with a normal Blog provider.

Call us anytime, with any question, about Blogs or Message Boards: 321 984 9080.