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BulletinBoards.Com Affiliate Partnership Program

General Info
BulletinBoards.com offers a 50% revenue sharing partnership through our affiliate program. The program pays 50% of all income generated from referral accounts, for as long as those accounts exists. Checks are sent each quarter for 50% of all income received from your referral accounts.    Becoming an affiliate involves displaying an image link on your site to BulletinBoards.com.

Sign up Info
Participating in the affiliate program involves two steps.
Step one involves setting up a board for your organization.
Step two involves placing the following html code on one or more pages on your site or board:

<a href="http://www.bulletinboards.com/index.cfm?comcode=xxxxxxxx">
<img src="http://www.bulletinboards.com/gif/AffiliateSetup.gif" border="0"></a>

    fyi:  You'll be given a code to replace the characters "xxxxxxxx" shown above, uniquely identifying your account.

This code will cause the following image/link to be displayed:

The code identifies you as the source of the referral,
allowing your account to be credited for the referral.

Monitoring your referral accounts
You're sent an email immediately, whenever a user sets a board up by clicking on the image/link you've set up on your site. The email notification gives you the name of the referral board and the payment status on the new account.
An Affiliate Monitoring Page is also provided giving real-time status of activity related to your referral link(s), showing number of clicks generated, number of boards created and the name/creation date/URLs of those boards. To view a sample Affiliate Monitoring Page Click Here.

Each quarter you'll receive a statement listing all your accounts and a check for 50% of all revenue received on those accounts.
It's important to realize, you continue to receive income from your accounts, even if you discontinue displaying the referral links. Below are some sample income projections.
2 $10 $120
50 $250 $3000
200 $1000 $12,000
1000 $5,000 $60,000
For example, if you have 200 referral accounts, you receive $12,000
per year, even if you discontinue displaying the referral link(s).
Referral fees are doubled on accounts utilizing the FTP "Attach" file option.

fyi: If you prefer to create and use a graphic/image other than the one provided above,
         email a copy of it to us and we'll email back the code necessary to use it.