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Other Info:
  • Adding an event to the Board Calendar
      Just click on the link near the top of the calendar labeled:
        "To add an event to the calendar Click Here"

  • Deleting an event from the Board Calendar
      First view a description of the event by clicking on it's title.
      Then click on the link located near the bottom of the event description labeled:
        " To delete this event Click Here"

  • Modifying an event on the Board Calendar
      The only way to Modify an event is to delete and repost it.

  • Private Events
      Private Events are events/messages viewable only by the person who created them.
      Select the option labeled: "Click here to make this a 'Private' message"
      when creating the event, to make it Private.
      This option is only available for boards utilizing Password Protection.

  • Displaying events relevant only for one forum
      Use the drop-down menu selection box in the lower right portion
      of the screen labeled: "Only show events in:"