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Midway Sports & Imports. Credit Application
The transmission of this application is safe and secure and will be delivered with high assurance to us:
Midway Sports & Imports. Credit Application (704) 487-7894, Fax (410) 641-1820 
10742 Grays Corner Rd. Berlin, Maryland 21811
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To complete this form is a two step process.
(1.)Applicant  (2.)Co-Applicant (if any)  = Complete

(If a field is required, but not applicable, enter NA in the field)

*Applicants Name

*Dealership Name

*Applicants Email

*Social Security Number

*Date Of Birth


*Driver's License Number and State of Issue:


*Present Address:

How Long:

*Payment/Rent Amount?

Home Telephone Number


*Cell or Pager Number:


Apartment Complex / Landlord Name:

Phone Contact of Landlord/Mortgage Company

(If Rent Is Split) Room Mate Name

Previous Address

*How Long? Current Salary: Hrs/Shift?

Previous Rent/Mtg. Amount:

Previous Apartment Landlord:

Previous Apartment LandlordPhone:

*Current Employer

*Current Employer address

*Gross Wages(monthly):


*Hours / Shift

*Pay Period



*Start Date:


*How Long:

Years____ , Month_____.

*2nd Job / Other Inc.

*2nd Job Gross Wages(monthly)

*2nd Job Start Date:


*Previous Employer

*How Long:

Yr._____ Mo _____


*Reason Leaving:

*Rent or Own

How long at previous address? Current Salary? Hrs/Shift?

Applicant Authorization

The undersigned hereby authorizes the selling dealer (Jam Vehicles) to initiate a credit investigation based upon the above information, which has been voluntarily provided, warranting that all information is true and accurate.  The undersigned further warrants that a bankruptcy proceeding is neither in progress nor anticipated and acknowledges receipt of this application.

I promise that all the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

*Please Type initials if you agree to our credit investigation