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Smile Icons

Clicking on one of the Smilie icons below will cause it to be inserted into your message. You've probably seen others use smile icons before in email messages or other bulletin board posts. Smile icons are keyboard characters used to convey an emotion, such as a smile or a frown . This bulletin board automatically converts certain text to a graphical representation when it is inserted between brackets [].  Here are the smile icons currently supported by
Clicking on any Smilie icon will cause it to appear within your message.
smile [:)]
big smile [:D]
cool [8D]
blush [:I]
tongue [:P]
evil [}:)]
wink [;)]
clown [:o)]
black eye [B)]
eightball [8]
frown [:(]
shy [8)]
shocked [:O]
angry [:(!]
dead [xx(]
sleepy [|)]
kisses [:X]
approve [^]
disapprove [V]
question [?]
--- Animated Smilies below available with Plus feature---
tongues [a1]
shocking [a2]
googleye [a3]
waving [a4]
clapping [a5]
mooning [a6]
baby [a7]
goofy [a8]
reading [a9]
clowning [a10]
playing [a11]
strutin [a12]
peekaboo [a13]

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