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Lake Region Village Properties For Sale
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HS00 - Cost of Share Only - 24 Prairie Terrace - 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
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24 Prairie Terrace  - 1 bedroom, 1 bath

Asking price:  Membership Certificate (Share) of $35,000

Make: Jamison    Year:  1970    Size:  14 x 60

You can own this home for the cost of the Membership Certificate only!

Super corner lot.  Large sun room and nice interior.

Owners/Sellers:  Eddie @ 270-259-1018, Phyllis @ 270-230-7654

          OR home land-line is 270-242-7152

 Lake Region Village Sales Office:  863-439-1623


Lake Region Village is a Resident Owned 55-plus Community.  The price of this property is simply the $35,000 membership certificate (share) cost required of all homes in Lake Region Village. The home itself is at no cost.

This is a No-Pet community.

There is a monthly maintenance fee which includes your water, sewer and garbage pick-up, maintenance of the common grounds and use of all amenities/facilities.

Contact the Lake Region Sales Office with questions @ 863-439-1623

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