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Thu 11 Mar 2021 10:56 PM
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Big 5 Latemodels                                                      
(1 Msg in forum)    LastPost: Nov-24 2020 10:19 PM
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     11-19-20 9:48 amBig 5 Meeting last night was fun and easy. Great group of peeps.
    -We went over the steps involved in using the 970 for the last 2 races of the year to collect some data.
    -Over viewed the pre/post feature weights that we adjusted due to having a large count of cars at many of the races making the pre scale method difficult for the Meridian Pit area.
    In the end we were asked to consider a 2725 total post race number instead of 2750. with 60-75 lbs of fuel burn this put Big 5 virtually the same as NWtour. They being 2800 pre race.
    We’ll consider that adjustment for sure.

    -the long and short of the tire deal… Of the 10 teams in the room and a few more that weren’t able to attend, the general consensus is that 5 teams would like to us the Big Tire, 3 teams like the 970 and 2 teams left their preference out of it due to not making any races in 2020.
    Of the 5 teams that preferred the big tire, they also conceded that they want to race against more than 9 cars and if the 970 creates more competitors then they want was is best for the series.
    At this point it is not 100% that any adjustments whatsoever will create more competitors. The World is a mess and we are in our own bubble just wanting to make choices that feel correct.
    As is always the case, when a track or series makes a decision in January, you never can tell the results of it until end of October.

    So we will deliberate on the subjects at hand while we see how this election mumbo jumbo shakes out.
    We appreciate the input from the meeting attendees and from those that sent opinions and preferences ahead of time if they couldn’t make it.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Posted by MeridianSpeed   on Nov-24 20 10:18 PM       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
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