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     Created Oct 29 2011       
By Steve Bucha   Comptroller
ShareHolder Meeting
A meeting of the company's community awareness committee will be held on Oct. 3. Several new topics and resolution of several issues from last meeting will be discussed. For a copy of the meeting agenda, call or email me. Steve Bucha - Human Resources ext 32.
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     Reply:1  Created Nov 21 2011       
By SylviaH
Revisiting Salesmen Commision fee schedule
I would like to revisit our last discussion on Dec. 2, regarding how
commissions are calculated for junior partners.
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     Reply:2  Created Nov 21 2011       
By LucyV
Commision Revisitation - another time
I don't think this meeting would be the appropriate venue
for that discussion.
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     Reply:3  Created Nov 24 2011       
By RandolphE
re:ShareHolder Meeting
I agree that this is not the appropriate meeting to discuss
commission fee schedules.
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