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Started By Grandma 
My Dearest Granddaughter, Olivia
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To My Dearest Sweetest Baby Olivia Autumn…….

Hi my most precious little granddaughter……….I am your Grandma Pattie.

Your arrival into this world was a day long awaited for me.I anxiously counted the days from the very first day of hearing daddy and mommy tell us they were expecting you.I had your ultrasound photo on my computer at work which I now change daily with your new photos I get from your daddy and mommy.You are the image of your daddy at that age.

Just know that I will always and forever be here for you.

All of My Love,

Grandma XXX OOO


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Started By Aunt Ann
So Sweet
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Dear Olivia,
I have just looked at all your pictures and as I suspected, you are a "little angel" You are so welcomed into our family and I hope to get to see you soon. You have so many cousins to meet that are so much fun. You are a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Me & Aunt Bobbie are planning on a trip down to see you soon. Save us a little sugar!!


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Started By Nicki
Go Giants!
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Olivia enjoyed watching the NY Giants win another game last night with Daddy!

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Started By MeMe

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Started By Jada
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Welcome to the family little Olivia! You are sooo beautiful. We can not wait to see you in person! We also can't wait to get to play with you when you get a little bit older! Tell your Mommy & Daddy to bring you to see us way up here in North Georgia! We love you,

Cait & Clay


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Started By Nicki
Looking at Daddy
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Olivia enjoys having her dad hold her and staring at his face. Daddy has the magic touch!

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Started By Nicki
Olivia Votes!
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Mom and Olivia cast their ballot together on November 4, Olivia's 4-week birthday!

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Started By Beverly
Welcome Home, Olivia
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Miss Olivia,
We are so happy that you have arrived. You are 8.5 lbs of pure joy and every time you move I see poofs of magical pixie dust in the air! (Your Mom brought that in when she arrived a few years ago, too!)
Watching as you grow and experience all the wonders of nature and the world is going to be such a pleasure! Your Mimi will be sure to capture photos of all those memories with that big, black, snappy thingy' that you've already seen. Canon will be a word to learn early!
You are and forever will be loved,


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Started By Nicki

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Started By Aunt Bobbie
Beautiful Baby
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Olivia,   Thank you so much for sharing your 1st video with me.   You are so beautiful.   I can hardly wait to see you, so I can hold you and get some real sugar.   I know your mom and dad are so proud of you.   I will see you one day soon.
I love you,
Aunt Bobbie


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