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Welcome to Roll'en Hills! We are a Katy area based moving & delivery company! We specialize in Antiques! We are a blanket wrap, white glove service! Call us today so we can help you with your next move or delivery today

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Packing tips:
  • Use strong sturdy boxes
  • Remember the heavier the item the smaller the box needed to pack it in.(use small boxes for books they tend to get heavy fast)
  • Pack a first to be opened box with remotes, insurance, childrens records, new home information, and other essentials you will need imediately and mark it clearly so that it can be found easily
  • Use clothes, linens, or news print to wrap fragile items
  • Pack all medication in a leak-proof/ clearly marked container
  • Label each box and mark it FRAGILE if necessary
  • Don't make boxes too heavy.
  • Pack all refridgerated items in a cooler with ice and unpack it as soon as possible
  • Do not pack clothes out of dressers, this creates unnecessary boxes that take up extra space in the moving truck

Moving tips:
  • Dont't forget to disconnect or transfer all electric, cable/satelite, phone/internet, gas, and disposal services. It is easier to have the cable/satelite, electric, phone/internet, and gas companies come connect these necessaties BEFORE the day of your move. That way you don't have to move anything around for them, and they dont have to work around boxes
  • Defrost freezers & refridgerators and place deodorizer inside them to prevent odor
  • Double check attic, closets, shelves, and the garage for left behind items
  • Be sure to carry all personal items and valuables to the new location yourself
  • Make sure all cells phones are fully charged the day of the move that way you can be reached
  • For large appliances check the owners manual for special moving instructions
  • Furniture that you disassemble yourself make sure that you tape the hardware to the main base so they don't get lost
  • By law moving compaines can NOT move hazardous materials such as gasoline, flammable gasses, bottled gasses, other flammables, ammunition, and explosives
  • If you are moving across state lines we can not transport plants, but they can be transported in your personal vehicle