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Message Board Features
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Appearance Features
Your board management page allows you to create the look you want, but if you need help, call us for free unlimited tech support
(we're serious about our Fanatical Customer Support pledge)

Customization Options
Your board has over 100 different customization options/templates/skins to choose from. Customize your board with your own logo, fonts, background/text/link colors, buttons, etc.. No programming required. Already have a web site? Use customization options to make your board look just like another page on your site. Controlling features/data fields is done simply by selecting yes/no radio buttons, via your board administration panel.

Domain Name
Use your own domain name or we can create a custom domain name for you.

Multiple Layouts
Configure your board to be as simple or full featured as you like. All possible message board display formats available to choose from(non-threaded, semi-threaded, fully-threaded).

Custom Images
Use the default images we provide for buttons and icons, or use your own.

Create your own color scheme or use our predefined, professionally designed templates.

Introductory Text
Create introductory paragraphs on your board, forums, and registration page.

Custom labels for input fields
Use your own names for data input fields.

Date/Time customization
Specify date and time zone to be used.

Individual User Customization
You can allow users to select their own customized look/skin as well as how they want their board to operate. For example, users could specify their own personalize skin to use, and/or how the board opens up, showing full text of messages or just titles only, showing message topics and replies or just message topics, etc..

General Features

There is no limit on the number of members, messages, threads, messages topics, or replies.

Attach photos and files to messages
Users can attach photographs and files to messages and upload custom avatar images from their computer

Integrated Chat Room
With the click of a button, have an integrated Chat Room added to your board.

No Advertising
We place no advertising on your board. You can place any advertising you want. If you want to place advertising on your board, we can even provide automated functionality to rotate your advertising banners.

Make your board private, so only members can access it, or open to public, or allow public to view but only members can post. You control level of privacy.

Specify Access Privileges
Specify access/posting privileges at the Forum and/or User level. Use this to restrict certain users from viewing and/or posting in certain forums

Easy to use WYSIWYG editor allows users to format message text without knowing any HTML. Bolding/coloring/italics/tables/etc. is easily done, just like using a word processor. An online tutorial is available, if needed.

Private Messaging
Users can post message messages so they are only viewable by certain users.

Custom Avatar/Signature Profiles
Users can create a signature profile, that is automatically appended to the end of every message they post. A custom graphic/avatar can be uploaded as part of their signature profile.

Member Registration
You can specify if users must be: Registered to view, Registered to post, or Not require registration at all.

Mailing Lists
Use your board's email utility to email all board users in one step.

Email Notification/ListServe feature
Users can receive automatic email notifications when new messages are posted. Users can post messages by sending an email to their message board.

Users can include smilies in their messages, simply by clicking on one of many animated emoticons included.

Search Features
Full message text search available. Other search criteria can be specified also, such as date range, name of message creator, message title, password, etc. Search entire board or within individual forums.

Spell Checker
An automated spell checker, thesaurus, and grammatical checker available when posting a message.

Review Messages before Posting
Preview feature allows a user to review final message before posting.

Viewing/Modifying/Deleting messages
As the board manager, you can always control which forums/messages on your board are viewable and which users/moderators can modify or delete messages.

Lock Forums
At any point you can lock/unlock forums to prevent/enable posting of new messages into them.

Easily identify read messages from unread message.
Already viewed messages are color coded for easy identifying.

Content Syndication
Your board can automatically generate an RSS feed of all board content. An RSS feed allows users to view the newest threads posted in your message board using an RSS reader.

View statistics about message board usage and users. Optionally, make the same data available to your users.

Security Features

Password Protection
Password protect your entire board, individual forums, or even specific messages. You can restrict individual users to certain forums. Even specify that your board can be viewed by anyone, but users must register to post. Go so far as to identify certain forums that can be viewed but not posted into.

Password Protection Methods
Three methods can be specified, as to how user password are created:
1. User passwords only created by the Board Manager.
2. Users create their own passwords, but they must be approved by board manager before becoming operational.
3. Users create their own passwords, without manager approval(basically, just require user to register).

Create moderators. Moderators are automatically notified when new messages are added, and have the authority to Approve, Modify, and Delete messages, for those forums they moderate.

Moderated Board
You can configure your board so messages posted to your board are not viewable until you or a moderator reviews and approves them.

Access Rights
Set detailed forum and user privileges. Specify any combination of view, modify, delete, and post privileges at either the forum and/or user level.

HTML and Profanity Filters
Block HTML and profanity from being posted. Use our extensive built-in profanity list and/or add extra words to the list.

Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your message board. Our technology even allows banning of users with dynamic IP addresses.

Spam Control Features

Ban Spam Robots
This feature, utilizes CAPTCHA technology, to verify that a human is posting the message rather than a spam robot.

Email Spam Prevention
To prevent third parties from acquiring user email addresses, you can hide all user email addresses with the click of button.

Automated Spam detection
Your board has built in spam identification rules/algorithms that are constantly updated to prevent the majority of automated spam postings.

Spam Abuse reporting
'Report Abuse' link can be displayed at the bottom of every message. When clicked on, board managers are immediately notified of the possible problem message.

Only display Approved messages
Option available to only display messages reviewed and approved by manager or moderator.

Special Features

File Uploading
The file uploading feature allows your message board users to attach files and photographs to their posts and upload their own avatar image from their computer.

A private calendar is available. Users can post calendar events so they are viewable by all board users, and/or are specific to particular forum, or private and only viewable by a specific individuals

Votable Messages
Create "Votable Messages". Votable messages allow users to vote on issues. Can specify on each Votable Message whether a user must be registered to vote or can vote anonymously.

Backup Utilities
Automated utility creates backup of all board messages anytime, as often as you like.

Blog format conversion
With the click of a button, you can convert your message board to a Blog, or vice-versa.

Enable HTML
Enable or disable users from using HTML within messages.

MultiQuote feature
MultiQuote capability provides an automated way of quoting text from multiple messages when posting a reply.

Sticky Messages
Specify that certain messages always appear at the top of forums, regardless of sorting scheme being used.

User and Manager guides
Online User and Manager guides/tutorials available.

Multiple sorting capabilities exist. Sort message topics by creation date or by message title, or based on date of last reply. Sort replies within message topics by ealiest or latest.

Search Engine Access
Internet search engines are prevented from accessing your board. However if you want to have your board submitted for search engine indexing, you can specify that your board automatically optimize itself for internet Search Engine positioning/indexing based on certain keywords.

Moving Messages
Move all messages in a forum, a message thread in a forum, or one message in a forum, from one forum to another, with the click of a button.

Site Integration
If you have an existing website, seamless integration of your board is as simple as placing a link or button on any page of your site. The link will be the website address of your message board. The appearance of your board can be made to look just like another page on your site.

Easy Setup
Set up time is less than 3 minutes. No software to download or install. We host and maintained your board.

Unlimited Free Telephone support
We're serious about our "Fanatical Customer Support" pledge.

Money Back Guarantee
30 day 100% refund if not completely satisfied

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