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Testimonials from past trips                                          
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September food bag outreach 2020 Click here to view this message
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    A small team of 4 including María Carvajal, Orsolina Garcia, Claudia Badano, and Michael Budincich travelled by aircraft to Ensenada airport Sept 10-13 to purchase, bag, and distribute 500 individual family food bags during the Covid 19 restrictions. We were luck we passed Ensenada customs and immigration with no issues. All food was sourced at Mayorista, a big box store there similar to Wall Mart for food. We loaded Two Suburbans and a 15 passenger van operated and owned by our ministry full of food to the distribution site. "El Zorillo " in Canyon Buena Vista community church and Pastor Benjamin and his family and parishioners helped bag and distribute the food. We passed out coupons Friday PM for the Sat bag distribution with masks and safety. 500 families were blessed that day at a time when jobs and work was slow with Covid. Thanks to all those that gave to this outreach, our only one of 2020 besides out Cabo San Lucas Chiropractic and eyeglasses outreach in conjunction with Christian Chiropractic Association dodctos and spouses.
    Posted by Drbud   on Jan-16       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
San Quintin Eye Clinic report Sept 19 Click here to view this message
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    The Colorado Airlift Outreach mission team asked Manos Con Alas to assist in bringing Los Angeles based staff to the El Buen Pastor clinic and use of our mission 15 passenger van.  We have served with this organization about 20 or more years in different locations.  First in Vizcaino, and then at the La Esperanza Clinic in Nuevo Odisea in southern San Quintin Valley, and more recently at the El Buen Pastor hospital.  
    This clinic on Sept 19-22 weekend served a record number of eye surgery patients with a total of 41 in the two day clinic.  OVer 200 other patients received prescription eyewear by a large team of optometrists, lay opticians, and local translators.
    We were happy to serve Rick Weaver the CALO president with our aircraft, vehicles and and energy. 

    Posted by DrBud   on Oct-15 19       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Rosarito Calvary Multidiciplinary clinic Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    Pastor Mike Vincent did not disappoint us with a large turnout for our small Mission team of 9 members. 2 Drove and 7 flew in two aircraft. Calvary Chapel Rosarito on April 14th provided a wonderful location and taco lunch for our team. Many were served including about 45 dental patients, 50-60 eye patients who were given readers and distance glases, and 40-50 were given massage and manipulation. Mikes Sunday sermon was worth the long border line too after the Service. We had not served there in about two years so it was great to be back. 
    Posted by Dr Bud   on May-04 18       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
XlHxxJqJiJUDIsmSq Click here to view this message
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God on the move . Click here to view this message
in a separate window
     I have had the privilege of coming alongside this ministry and watching as God touches the lives of many people south of the border as well as those who serve!  Oftentimes we think we are going down there to serve them and touch their lives, but they are in fact the ones that bless us.  Thank you to Manos Con Alas for this wonderful and caring ministry.  It is amazing how things always seem to fall into place no matter how many obstacles get in our way.  Michael has a heart for serving, and so do all of the people who join together to form this ministry of serving our King!
    Posted by Claudia Badano   on May-22 17       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
An Experience Worth Repeating! Click here to view this message
in a separate window
     I have been volunteering for a couple years now and each time is a new adventure in the service of the Lord.  It's been so rewarding to foster new relationships with people outside our normal every day life that touch your heart and change you for the better.  When you're out on a mission trip, life can slow down and find true meaning in service for others no matter your skill set or education.  Looking forward to the next trip!

    Posted by Michael Yung   on Apr-26 17       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Ojos Negros and Chapultepec/Ensenada outreach Click here to view this message
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     We just got back from a fantastic outreach to the El Refugio teen girls safe home hosted by Sandy and Randy Huebert, their daughter Larissa, and Grandparents parents Ulmer and Grandma Huebert,  Hard working and dedicated Canadian missionaries with a real heart for these previously abandoned or abused yound girls and teens.
    This past weekend we served these girls on their on property with the MDU dental trailer and took care of 23 girls, including a young woman with a badly chipped tooth that was beautifully restored by Dr Mike Yung of Pasadena.
    Our team had three dentists, Dr Mark DeLeon, Dr, Trevor Lance Windsor, and MIke Yung, DDS.  One chiropractor (ME) serving in eyeglasses ministry ONLY due to recovery from total shoulder replacement in late February.  ALthough my shoulder is not strong enough nor painless enough to tollerate firm adjustments, I am able to serve in refracting eyes and dispensing simple planar single vision lenses.
    Our team had three pilots consisting or Mike Gabelman, Mauricio Gonzalez, and myself.
    Our dental team between Friday and Saterday served 66 patients, and 60 pairs of prescription eyewear were dispensed in Ojos Negros by the "one armed" chiropractor.
    Our equipment ran well with a few minor electrical hiccups, but overall a smooth operation.
    Our next Outreach to the Ensenada area should be in late June or early July.

    Posted by Dr Bud   on Apr-24 17       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Come And Serve With Us! Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    I'm one of the pilot's that takes teams down with MCA.  The days are long and challenging at times, but beyond worth it!  We could always use more hands that willing to serve!  Join us on our next trip!
    Posted by mike gabelman   on Mar-14 17       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Rejoice in God's Work! Click here to view this message
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     As a new board member and past and future participant of MCA, I have dedicated myself to giving back a small part of the skills I have acquired over my life, and it has been very rewarding.  As both a Christian and a person who has always wanted to help others, MCA is the perfect avenue for short term medical mission work.  On these trips you will see the fruit of your labor in the eyes of those you serve.  Whether you treat kids or adults, you are likely to be amazed at how thankful and loving they are in return.  Your time and donations truly give meaning to the idea that we are all connected and we are all God's children.  When you serve those in need, you are serving your family and you are serving yourself.  Have an adventure, answer the call to help others, and join up today!  
    Posted by Michael Yung   on Mar-11 17       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Playas del Tijuana Outreach Dec 5th serves over 100 Click here to view this message
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     The Manos Con Alas mission team with three last day volunteer cancellations still managed to field 7 STM team members on December 5th to serve The Capilla Calvario Playas del Tijuana church with three specialties including chiropractic, dental, and prescription eyewear.
    Drs Gary Demerjian and Mark Deleon as dentists,  assisted by Patty Ayala and Dr Demerjians son served over 30 patients.  Dr Budincich served 35 chiropractic patients and assisted translator and lay optician Claudia Badano with over 40 eye patients who received readers or distance eyeglasses.  With one pilot cancelling the day before, it made for some last minute planning and hiring a Mexican dental student to help chairside with Dr Demerjian.  All worked out well and three were able to drive from LA due to the one plane cancelling.  God provided the means to complete the work by His timing.
    Thank you for your continued support of this small but mighty ministry that squeezes every drop of juice out of your ministry donations.

    Posted by bud   on Dec-18 15       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Rosarito work weekend May 2-4,2014 Click here to view this message
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     Last weekend was a needed weekend to service mission vehicles in our Popotla Trailer Park area where two cars are stored along with the MDU dental trailer. Oil change was done on the Denali gas generator, cars started and run, tires dressed and protected, rent paid for 5 past months of storage fees, etc. much was done in a short time. Your faithful giving helps to preserve our Baja base resources and be ready for our summer mission teams. 
    Posted by Drbud   on May-06 14       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Thank You! Click here to view this message
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     We just wanted say thank you for the use of the mini van last month.
    Being able to fly into Brown Field and have use of the van was extremely helpful.  Can't say thank you enough!

    From all of us at HOPE Christian Fellowship
    Mike Gabelman

    Posted by mike gabelman   on Feb-28 14       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
January 4th Outreach at El Refugio Tijuana Baja Click here to view this message
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     Thank you all who donated gift bags, checks, and prayed for this first time trip to the senior center at El Refugio in Tijuana.  This outreach was suggested by Pastor Mike Vincent of Calvary Rosarito Beach, and the Rotary Clubs of Rosarito Beach and Tijuana Rotary Club "Independencia" participated with us.  The Rotary Club of Sierra Madre, CA members provided gift bags along with Manos Con Alas Board members.  Tijuana I learned has 10 separate Rotary Clubs, Independencia is the one that supports EL Refugio.

    The experience at this senior center was nothing like a USA person could imagine for their loved one in senior care.  Seven to eight seniors per ROOM without curtains or privacy. Many residents were incontinent, and many amputees due to Diabetes. Many with wheelchairs and walkers.  Some with Downs syndrome, strokes, and dementia.  Pastor Chuy and his team treated these seniors with such dignity, but the lack of resources and physical space was incredible.

    Half of the residents ate OUTSIDE in a courtyard with wheelchairs since the steep slope to the main dining room was difficult without assistance.  The kitchen team cooked with an old commercial stove which had no working ovens and only 4 burners, yet cooking for over 130 people 2-3 meals per day.  The center had a small pharmacy with donated medications, but no doctor on site.  I was told a doctor volunteers once a week.

    El Refugio is where Tijuana residents "dump" their outcast adult seniors when they are no longer wanted by family.  The team of Pastor Chuy never refuses a new resident in response to his vision.  All food and resources are DONATED.

    Our team of 2 provided food for two meals flown in from EL Monte and the balance purchased at a local Calimax market nearby.  We provided 130 gift bags containing toothbrushes, hair brushes and combs, socks, underwear, scarves, beanies, soap, and stationary, as well as playing cards.

    Posted by drbud   on Jan-29 14       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Rosarito Calvary Chapel outreach Nov 8-10,2013 Click here to view this message
in a separate window
     Thanks to all who prayed and participated in the November 8-10 Clinic at Calvary Chapel Church of Rosarito Beach Baja.  The clinic trip was close to being cancelled due to low volunteer sign ups when our miraculous God put things on His timetable.  
    Christina De Leon DDS had been a maybe to a no go for the trip, when our interim clinic coordinator Carola Mendez was able to reach her and convince her to join her husband Dr Mark De Leon DDS on the trip.  
    After calling every interested chiropractor from past trips, I was turned down by all, and faced having to do all eyeglasses fitting, AND all chiropractic adjustments for everyone attending the clinic.  I have big shoulders and was obedient to handle the load HE placed on them.
    We also had NO dental assistants for this trip that had been professionally trained, but the Rotary Club of Rosarito Beach was able to get us into contact with two local Baja women professionals willing to be paid to do the clinic chairside for doctors at a resonable fee.
    The two hired assistants and the two volunteer mission dentists serviced a staggering 55 dental patients in a single day of service out of the Dental MDU that is now based in Popotla Trailer Park Rosarito.
    Our chiropractic patient count by days end was 150, and my body was really feeling it the next day.  I was assisted by Carola Mendez whe translated and gave instructions and consoled and comforted first time patients to chiropractic and the children getting treatments.  One child had servere TORTICOLLUS and in a two treatment in one day visit, was 75% relieved of neck pain and spasm with an hour or two.  From crying to smiling after a week of constant pain.
    Our eyeglasses team of Olya Savchenko and John Smalldridge whom I trained that morning (who also served as a pilot and mechanical troubleshooter), served a massive number of people and dispensed 175 pairs of prescription reading and distance eyeglasses from our Baja stock on hand.
    WIth just 7 US volunteers and our MDU we served a total of 280 office visit services in one day.  The CCR church graciously bought us lunch and the Rotary Club of Rosarito hosted a wonderful welcome dinner on the Friday night before.
    The post clinic celebration dinner was at Charleys Place at KM 38.5 where we participateed in Karaoke singing Saturday Night and a wonderful meal with lots of laughs and fellowship.
    The Rotary Club of Rosarito Beach brought us back to the border and we were home just after dark by air at 530PM-600PM.

    Posted by Dr Budincich   on Nov-21 13       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
August 24th ROsarito Outreach Click here to view this message
in a separate window
     Those of you that may not have heard of our new location in Rosarito Beach can lend an ear to this message.  Our very first Rosarito Outreach took place at the Flying Samaritans free clinic location in Colonia Constitucion on August 24.  Drs Mark and tina De Leon were our active dentists and Paty Ayala, Marion Eisenmann, and Carola Mendez our assistants, along with "Yours Truly" as optician, chiropractor, handyman, driver and pilot.
    Posted by drbud   on Sep-20 13       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
WOW JAM Pasadena outreach Click here to view this message
in a separate window
     On Sunday June 23, my son Nick Budincich, John Bibler, and myself served 165 patients in a line that reached 60 feat long in under 4 hours in front of historic Pasadena City Hall assisting WOW JAM founders Linda Tavani and her husband Steve in their first of three LA outreaches. 175-185 pairs of distance and reading glasses were dispensed including many for elementary age children. Thanks to Sierra Madre Rotary Club for the funds to purchase additional lenses through a generous grant. 
    Posted by Drbud   on Jun-30 13       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
April 12-14 San Vicente Casa Del Pastor outreach Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    Dear Team Members and supporters,

    Our April outreach serving the
    battered ladies at CDP In San Vicente Baja was a rewarding trip for our
    whole team of 9 servants. We felt we "washed the feet" of these ladies and
    their dependent children in a meaningful way. Jeanne Sue Phegley and Lisa
    Heit were thrilled to have a medical/dental team serve their mo s and kids.
    Our dentists Dr Gary Demerjjan and Dr Mark DeLeon along with dental
    assistants Deborah Cornejo and Paty Ayala served and astonishing 50
    patients in about 8 hours out of our new MDU (mobile dental unit) that was
    hauled down by myself and Maria Carvajal as my translator the week prior.
    Myself with help from Maria Carvajal processed 25 eyeglasses patients
    fitting many schoolchildren (20-25 )with their FIRST pair of glasses to see
    the "pisero" or chalkboard at school. I also adjusted many patients mostly
    moms and some kids and a few local men. Although we lacked a medical doctor
    we had a great outreach. We attempted to HIRE the local MD from the
    government clinic locally but did not seem interested in the bonus pay to
    serve the ladies at CDP where they lived. We tried to have all four
    specialties represented but had to settle for three. Thank you to all who
    have prayed, donated, send supplies, and supported others by sending them
    with your gifts. The mission directors were thrilled with our work, and we
    even were able to FEED lunch of chili dogs to over 120 of the CDP residents
    and staff.
    Thank You all for making our work possible. Our Mobile Dental
    Unit had it's official initiation and it impressed the Ard working dental
    staff that put it to efficient use.

    Posted by Dr Bud   on Apr-28 13       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
February 3-5 Clinic Busy Click here to view this message
in a separate window
     The February clinic was an exillarating and exciting time off service by our team.  We served in two areas of Northiern Baja CA.  Our team arrived ON TIME at the El Monte airport, allowing us to be in the air by 9:00am, and at our favoorite taco stand Tacos El Poblano at noon.  We arrived one hour eaarly to Santo Tomas and set up the chiropractic and medical rooms. Santo Tomas the first stop was busier than normal with the dentall team treating about 12-15 patients between the three dentists, Dr Alicia Borgman, Dr Marc Maney, and Dr Mark De Leon, PAs Xochitl Flores and her husband Fernando Quezada worked tirelessly as well all afternoon past nightfall.  First timers and veterans alike were treated to a Dr Bud Tri-Tip BBQ dinner Friday night and a New York Steak 7 course dinner Saturday night.  Both cooked by yours truly.  We were excited to partner with Louie Rosado and his Medical Mission Adventure team who numbered seven in all.  We carried 11 from El Monte in three Cessna siingle engine aircraft. 
     267 patient services were delivered and 24 first time "decisions" were made during one on one sharing and evangelism.  Many tracts and NT were distributed to the many migrant farm workers and locals that were served.
    Everyone was homeearly enough  to make the Super Bowl parties on time.
    Thank you to all who give, go, and send.  this ministry depends on all of you.
    Next clinic to same areas is April 27-29, 2012  Please commit early.

    Posted by Dr Budincich   on Feb-07 12       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
    Ph:626 893 3025
Baja Mission trip to San Vicente Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    Baja trip Oct 21-23 trip to Santo Tomas and San Vicente was a busy and challenging weekend for our team.  The weather started out foggy and a low cieling over the El Monte airport, and over the Ensenada airport did not allow for an earlier flight so we WAITED for two or three more hours to depart.  The Ensenada airport had clear skies by the time we landed and then closed up again.  All three mission aircraft landed safely after a beautiful and smooth flight.
    After traditional taco stop at El Poblano in Maneadero, we reached the migrant farm camp of Santo Tomas at 245 PM and set up for chiropractic and prescription eyewear services.  20 chiropractic patients were adjusted, and 3-4 dozen prescription and sunglasses were distributed at no charge.  We then packed up for San Vicente where half of our team we had sent ahead beforehand to do dentistry.  Dr Mark DeLeon and Dr Trey Jangaard were the dentists with assistant Patty Ayala of So Pasadena.
    Our eye and chiropractic team worked into the evening until 830PM Friday PM to serve many San Vicente residents. 
    Saturday Dr Bud cooked the team a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, thick sliced bacon, pancakes, OJ, fruit, and toast.  The team then started clinic services from 900AM to 800PM with short breaks for lunch.  Dr Bud then "fired up" New York strip steaks on Sat. night.
    Patients served were a total of 64 dental visits, 84 chiropractic visits, and 80 eye patients.  Chiropractic team consisted of Dr Ray Bouchereau DC and pilot, Dr Michael Budincich, DC/pilot, Nick WIlliams and Mike Toka both chiropractic interns at So. Cal. Univ. of Health Sciences.  With so many chiropractors present, DR Bud did the eye exams and glasses dispensing with aide of Louis Rosado evangelist of MMA.
    37 souls prayed to receive the Lord or rededicated themselves.

    Posted by Michael N Budincich, DC   on Oct-24 11       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Trip report for Feb 4-6 team Click here to view this message
in a separate window
      Dear Volunteers and Friends,

    Our trip last weekend to Santo Tomas' packing house camp and the mission site at
    San Vicente, the home of Dave and Lynne Johnson was again a wonderful success.

    We had two chiropractors including Dr Laci Hendricks and myself. We had four
    dentists including Dr Marc Haney, Dr Jim Hodge, and soon to be Drs Trey Jangaard
    and Daryl Nyvall.  We had MD Dr Cesar Tamez and his wife Rosy with medical
    consults and kitchen help.

    Dr Kevin Baines our PhD planetary scientist and pilot served 42 patients by
    giving them new prescription eyewear and sunglasses. My son Nick Budincich
    provided inspiring worship music and his classmate Dominick was a great dental
    assistant along with Patty and Lisa.  Maria Carvajal our translator assisted the driving team in attempting to import the dental MDU, and then worked in the dental clinic with the translation of doctors and dental assisting.

    In all 150 patient visits resulted from our team of 15 US based and 7 Mexico
    based missionary personnel. Two people accepted the Lord and two rededicated
    their lives thanks to Theresa and  Buky Ventura who came north from San Quintin.

    The only negative aspect was that our newly built and outfitted dental trailer
    was stopped at two border locations ( San Isidro and Otaj Mesa) and not permitted to pass into Mexico to serve.  It was left at Brown Field airport and towed back to Pasadena to serve another day. We will need to pray and develop a new strategy for getting it into
    Mexico permanently. 

    We thank all of you that served, those that gave, and those that stayed home and
    prayed.  We needed the support and prayer and all returned safely.

    Our next scheduled clinic outreach to these same areas will be on May 20-22
    weekend this year. We encourage early sign ups so that aircraft and logistics
    can be done early.

    Please provide any cash receipts for tax receipts for donated dental supplies or
    reimbursement as needed. Provide an estimate in writing of the manifest of goods you brought and left and submit to our treasurer.

    I want to personally thank my team for their participation and dedication to
    this outreach that changes so many lives including my own. This mission has been
    my life's passion, and all of you have helped to answer my calling to do this
    work, which is time consuming and costly on many levels. It is all worth it when
    we look into the eyes of these children in the camps, and the occasional tear of
    an appreciative migrant farm worker. 

    Please post testimonials of your experiences to our bulletin board blog with
    it's link on our website or www.drbud.com. See website and ministry address

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


    Posted by Dr Bud   on Feb-21 11       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
2010 Clinic trip summary Click here to view this message
in a separate window


                Since Dr. Bud’s two-week-long mission trip to Haiti last January and February 2010, he has been more focused on going back to the roots of his Baja, California service.  Patients always question Dr. Bud, "Are you still going to Baja with all the problems with the drug cartels and crime?"  His answer is always, "Absolutely!" 

    The areas Dr. Budincich serves are far south of the problems that are found in the border towns.  Border towns such as Juarez, Mexico, Tijuana, Mexico, and other bordering cities have had the majority of the cartel power struggle issues.  The teams Dr. Bud leads into Mexico have not had any issues, nor have they witnessed any type of hostility or non-cooperation on the part of the Mexico government.  With the great needs in Mexico at the current time due to the financial crisis around the world, places like Baja, California, suffer the most.  They have also suffered from a drastic decrease in tourism down there, because of the cartel activity at the borders.  Many United States citizens are afraid to travel into Mexico, and are simply spending their vacations and travel dollars elsewhere.  This has affected all businesses with a trickle-down effect on the locals and especially the poorest of the poor.  

    The services of Manos Con Alas, Dr. Budincich’s non-profit ministry, have never been more needed than in the past two years.  Attendance at clinics has swelled in the last few clinics especially because of the great needs of the people, and many have moved home from the United States to Mexico in order to secure work and a lower cost of living in Mexico.  Dr. Budincich has seen reverse immigration occurring at the current time with many having to return home to their roots in order to live and care for parents or relatives.  They are able to earn money in Mexico, sustaining them with basic food and shelter that with the American cost of living is becoming impossible for them.

    Recent clinic trips since the last Newsletter have included a March 2010 specialty eye clinic in San Quintin at the Hospital de Buen Pastor.  This clinic served over 200 people, including 8 eye surgeries and over 200 pairs of prescription eyeglasses.  This team was made up of the Flying Samaritans as well as an organization named Colorado Airlift Outreach, of Montrose, Colorado, and Dr. Bud’s Manos Con Alas team. 

    Last June 2010 Dr. Budincich and his team of pilots, doctors, and aircraft flew to the remote areas south of Ensenada, Mexico, including the cities of Santa Tomas and San Vicente.  Medical consultations, chiropractic treatments, prescriptive eyewear, and full restorative dentistry were provided to upwards of 200 people over the clinic weekend.

    On September 17th to 19th, 2010, Dr. Budincich volunteered his two mission aircraft and his own services, again coordinating with the Flying Samaritans for a specialty eye clinic at the Hospital de Buen Pastor in San Quintin, Mexico.  Well over 200 eye patients were again served, including 10 cataract and pterygium surgeries.  This clinic included a group of optometrists, lay opticians (including Dr. Budincich), ophthalmologists, and surgical assistants.  The optometry area led by Dr. Wes Cooper of Montrose, Colorado, and a local Mexican optometrist, whom together dispensed well over 200 pairs of prescription eyeglasses and an equal number of sunglasses to the masses that came to the clinic.

    The most recent clinic Dr. Budincich flew to participate in was on the weekend of October 22nd to 24th, 2010, when a team of two aircraft flew into Ensenada where the mission vans picked them up and drove them to the sites in Santa Tomas and San Vicente successively on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday morning, October 24th, the team left early at about 8:00 a.m. from San Vicente and rendezvoused with another organization from Chupultepec in a hillside village church near Maneandero, a city 10 miles south of Ensenada, within the Ensenada bay area.  They were escorted up muddy roads and past unimproved land to a small village 5 miles off the main highway in the foothills of Ensenada.  In 2 ½ hours dentist Jovan Plamenac performed open air dental examinations on adults and children with nothing more than a folding chair, a leaned-back armchair, and the sunlight as a lamp.  Here in the primitive setting outside of a local church, Dr. Plamenac diagnosed many needed dental procedures and recommended treatment that needs to be hereafter performed.  Dr. Budincich performed over 25 chiropractic adjustments, and he and son Nick Budincich along with Nick’s classmate Dominic Moreth performed lay optometry exams within that 2½ hour period of time.

    Dr. Budincich’s son Nick, a sophomore at Loyola High School, with his classmate/friend Dominic had learned basic dental assisting from Dr. Plamenac, Nick’s great uncle, as well as the art of dispensing simple prescription eyewear during Friday and Saturday clinics before working with me on Sunday.  Nick and Dominic were able to receive classroom community service credit for their trip to Baja, California, through Loyola High School’s program of community outreach.  They were able to take Friday, the 22nd, off from school and receive classroom and community service credit, although they would have attended the trip anyway.

    Dr. Budincich encourages young people, particularly chiropractic students, dental students, medical students, optometry students, and, of course, licensed professionals themselves, to accompany him on these short-term clinics.   The clinics usually encompass all day Friday through all day Sunday, returning Sunday evening.  Each volunteer must pay his own way to Mexico for the privilege of serving the people less fortunate than themselves.  No money whatsoever is accepted for any services or eyeglasses dispensed by anyone on any team.  Dr. Budincich’s non-profit organization "Manos Con Alas Ministries" has both State of California and Federal tax benefits to donors. 

    If any of you reading this article know an interested dentist, medical doctor, chiropractor, optician, or optometrist who may want to make this kind of trip in the future to help those less fortunate, have them contact Dr. Budincich directly or by email.  You may find a link to Dr. Budincich’s non-profit at www.drbud.com for information.  We look forward to seeing you possibly participate on some of our future trips.

    Posted by Dr Budincich   on Nov-17 10       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
    Ph:626 792 3390
EYE CLINIC IN SAN QUINTIN Click here to view this message
in a separate window
      The Manos Con Alas team and the Flying Samaritans of California teamed up with Colorado Airlift Outreach of Montrose and ICARE of Yuma, AZ to put on a wondreful clinic to the poor of the San Quintin Valley, BAJA.  Over 200 eye patients were served including 10 requiring surgery for cataracts and pterygiums and the rest for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.  28 volunteers made the trip in 8 small aircraft.  We based at Rancho Magana airstrip a nice 5000 ft hard packed dirt runway at the edge of HWY 1 in Baja 10 miles north of the city of San Quintin.
    The next Specialty Eye Clinic is scheduled for may 2011 at the same place

    Posted by Dr Bud   on Oct-08 10       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Al Lopez testimonial Click here to view this message
in a separate window
Haiti trip Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    Wednesday, February 03, 2010 

    I became an herbalist and massage therapist to help people.  When I heard of the earthquake in Haiti I didn't think there was much I would be able to do other than field phone calls and box supplies for the Red Cross. As always when I hear of people in need, whether near or far,  I am moved to try and help out in some way. I have in-laws who are Haitian and were missing relatives so this disaster hit home for my family. Because I am a new volunteer for the RC the more experienced volunteers and those who spoke Creole were given preference for understandable reasons.  Other than donating supplies and money  there didn't seem to be much I was able to do in the way of assisting the earthquake victims.  I put out the prayers for a way to help and within a couple of days my prayers were answered. 

    A long time friend and new massage client called and asked if I would be willing to take a last minute massage for a chiropractor who was flying relief supplies in and out of Haiti.  Of course I was honored to be able to contribute in any way and made an appointment for him for the next day.  When I arrived for the massage I met Brenda from Burners Without Borders and Grassroots for Haiti and Michael N Budincich, D,C, Founder, CEO, and President of Manos Con Alas (Hands With Wings), a 501c3 Christian Mission that is dedicated to providing medical services to impoverished areas in the U.S., and other countries in need. Brenda is a vibrant young woman whose energy has no boundaries. Dr. Mike is a bear of a man whose charisma and kindness fill a room no matter how big. 

    While I worked on Dr. Mike he told me more about his mission work and what motivated him to help other people. Here's the link for more info on Manos Con Alas:

    Brenda is coordinating with all the NGO's who are here in the U.S. and on the ground in Haiti and the locals who want to volunteer phone time and make personal donations. She is absolutely amazing.  She's put 3 different medical teams on the ground in Haiti, arranged for safe transport to and from the disaster zone and made it possible for thousands of pounds of supplies to be delivered to earthquake victims. All in the last 9 days. The link to the organizations she's with are: Burners Without Borders
    www.burnerswithoutborders.org/ and Grassroots Haiti www.grassrootshaiti.org. BWB is a 501c3, Grassroots status is pending.
    If you live in the Tri-County area of South Florida I will pick up any supplies you can donate. We need baby formula, baby bottles, water, crutches, slings, bandages and antibiotics. Message me, I will get back to you within a few hours. If you have medical skills and would like to donate your time in Haiti contact the above  organizations.

    Posted by drbud   on Oct-08 10       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
San Quintin Eye Clinic March 19-21 Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    San Quintin Baja CA Eye Clinic 
    24 volunteers and 5 aircraft service 219 patients in an eye clinic in San Quintin BCN this past March 19-21.  Dr Budincich served at optometrist, optician, and translator fitting prescription eyeglases and sunglasses to indigenous people of Mexico.  14 eye surgeries were performed including 6 cataract proceedures and 8 pterygium excisions.
    This was a joint clinic with Coloraado Airlift Outreach, Manos Con Alas Ministries, and Gold Coast/Foothill Chapter of The Flying Samaritians of Southern and Central California

    Posted by Michael Budincich   on Mar-24 10       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Haiti relief flights Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    Dr Budincich just returned from Haiti where he made 4 trips round trip from
    Ft Lauderdale, FL. He flew to Florida and then partnered with other non-
    profits to provide medications, orthopedic supplies, supports, and Dr Nd
    nurse personnel to small airstrips outside of Port au Prince, Haiti. Dr Bud
    flew supplies to Jacmel, an orthopedic surgeon to Les Cayes, and many
    planeloads of meds to Jacmel including a water purification system. Dr bud
    was gone Jan 23 to Feb 7, 2010.

    Next trip is San Quintin Eye Clinic Mar
    19-21 Baja CA Text

    Posted by michaelMichael Budincich   on Feb-16 10       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
    Ph:626 792 3390
Patients served Dec 4-6 outreach Click here to view this message
in a separate window

    Here are the patient numbers from the weekend outeach of December 4-6, 2009.

    Friday 12-4, Santo Tomas (Rancho El Consuelo)
    Doctor - 31
    Dentist - 16
    Chiro - 15
    Glasses - 20
    Sun Glasses - 50

     Sat. 12-5, San Vicente Mission Base
    Doctor - 27
    Dentist - 49
    Chiro - 22
    Glasses - 30
    Sun Glasses - 50
    58 consults for MD
    65 consults for Dentists
    37 chiropractic treatments
    50 pairs prescription eyeglasses dispensed
    100 pairs of mens and womens sunglasses dispensed

    The following is list of who Dr. Bud had on his team who flew in in three differnet airplanes.

    Dr. Mike Budincich, DC

    Laci Hendricks DC

    Jovan Plamenac DDS

    Maria Carvajal

    Kevin Baines, pHD

    Ray Bouchereau, DC

    Dr. Martin Yu, DD- Dentist

    Trey Jangaard- Dental Student

    Mike Rogerson- Chiropractic student

    Dr. Tamez is writing a report for the weekend and will send it directly to you (Kristi)

    I feel we had a good weekend and look forward to Feb. 5-7

    God Bless You

    Dave & Lynne Johnson

    Serving With Mexican Medical Ministries
    San Vicente, Baja California, Mexico
    Email: [email protected]
    971-239-5334  (Salem, OR)
    619-955-7247  (San Diego, CA)
    All calls  are forwarded to San Vicente

    Posted by Michael Budincich   on Dec-07 09       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
October eye clinic in San Quintin, Baja Click here to view this message
in a separate window
      The Manos con Alas Cessna TU206 travelled to San Quintin for an eye clinic at the Hosptal de Buen Pastor in San Quintin. Dr Michael Budincich and Maria Carvajal, a translator, joined the Colorado Airlift Outreach team of Ed Von Deldon and Dr Wes Cooper of Montrose COlorado to serve 138 patients the weekend of Oct 17-19.  Dr Budincich acted as an optician and fit over 50 pairs of eyeglasses on Saturday.  There were many blinded by diabetes and by trauma.  There were some who had severe glaucoma with one man with a left eye pressure of 70 lbs PSI instead of the normal 10-14 lbsPSI.  He was irreparably blind.
    The trip went through Sunday and Dr Bud and Maria flew home to El Monte via Ensenada on a IFR flight plan.

    Posted by Michael Budincich   on Oct-24 09       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Patients served Feb 1-3 Baja Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    Here are the revised patient visit numbers for the Feb. 1-3 medical outreach in San Vicente, Baja California Norte, as seen by members of Manos Con Alas Ministries outreach team.

    55 - Dental patients seen
    60 - Chiropractic patients seen 
    25 - optical patients Glasses dispensed

    We held medical services in 4 locations during the weekend:

    Santo Tomas , BCN
    -Rancho "El Consuelo"

    San Vicente, BCN
    -San Vicente Mission Base
    -Campo Mezquitito
    -Campo Furvas (Garcia)

    Posted by Dr Budincich   on Feb-11 08       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
Flight log Feb 1-3 trip San Vincente Click here to view this message
in a separate window
    800AM Team assembled at El Monte airport Annia's Kitchen restaurant
    830-830AM loaded the three mission aircraft with luggage and food.
    830-900AM Prayer circle and photos for the trip prologue
    900-930AM Pilots depart for Mexico
    11-1130 Arrive Ensenada airport and pass customs and immigration
    1130AM Load two mission 15 passenger vans and head south to Maneandero 10 miles to famous El Poblano taco stand for lunch.
    1230-130 last minute food shopping and buy new battery for van
    130-230 Drive south to Santo Tomas to meet full time missionaries
    Dave and Lynne Johnson and youth team along with other Mexican Medical personnel to start clinic at camp near adjacent farm and packing house.
    300-530PM perform dental, chiropractic, and optical services with camp residents
    530-600PM pack up team and head south in mobile dental unit and vans to mission base at San Vincente Clinic with the Johnsons.
    700PM Arrive and settle in at mission base.
    730PM dinner of beef brisket preprepared in US by Dr Buds wife Kate.  Side dishes of salad, brocolli, tortillas, and huge cookies and cholcolate cake for desert
    830PM Worship time and lesson by Pastor Phil
    900PM-bedtime and fellowship
    Saturday Feb 2, 2008
    7-30AM  Breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, smoky links, toast, and fruit.
    830AM  Pastor Phil leads worship and lesson
    900AM Open clinic for locals , and later team heads for camps with chiropractor Ray Bouchereau to do outreach and treatment in remote areas.
    1230-130PM lunch at the mission site.  Beef, turkey, brisket of beef sandwitches.
    200-500PM team outreach to other camps with chiropractor Ray Bouchereau,DC
    200-500PM treatments and dental continue at base clinic with Dr Plamenac, Dr Jangaard, and team.  Dr Budincich doing optical and Dr Anding doing chiropractic adjustments.
    500-800PM dental clinic remaining open to treat paitients until dinner
    800PM-900PM Dinner and fellowship Tri Tip BBQ over mesquite charcoal.  Spinach salad, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, jalapenos pickled.  Chocolate cake and cookies for desert.
    900PM Pastor Phil gives last devotional and members give testimonials of the trips activities.
    930PM-10PM chiropractic treatments for team members and missionaries, clean kitchen and floors
    Sunday Feb 3, 2008
    600AM early rising to beat impending storm
    700AM depart for airport at Ensenada
    830AM unload vans and pack aircraft for trip park vans securely.
    1000AM depart by air IFR to Brown field to clear customs.  Weather was lowering and ceilings were below minimums by secong leg flight back to El Monte.
    1130AM Lunch with team in Brown Field airport restaurant
    100 PM depart to San Diego downtown AMTRAK station to take 300PM Train back to Union Station and then Gold Line back to Pasadena.  Some of team get rides home with family to EL Monte to get cars.
    700PM arrive Pasadena

    Posted by Dr Budincich   on Feb-07 08       Modify/DeleteClick here to Delete or Modify this message   
    Ph:626 792 3390
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