Bulletin Board Enhancements (v8.2)

Board Manager Memo

Your message board at:
has been upgraded to Version 8.2.

This memo describes Enhancements associated with Version 8.2.
All enhancements are installed and available.

Over the last 6+ years we've released upgrades, usually every 4-6 months, with most enhancements reflecting implementation of user requests for additional capabilities or changes.

This release incorporates user requests and other features implemented since our last upgrade.

There's no charge for any of these enhancements.

Version 8.2 includes the following new features:

Most of these options can be turned on/off or modified via your Board Management Panel.

New Board Manager Options
o 1. Optional Display Format (tFormat)    (Non-Threaded & Semi-Threaded Boards)
o 2. User Option to eliminate use of popups    (Non-Threaded & Semi-Threaded Boards)
o 3. Sort Message Topics by date of last reply    (Semi-Threaded & Threaded Boards)
o 4. Additional Login Password protection
o 5. Server Hardware Upgrades(faster response times)

1. Optional Display Format (tFormat) Top
  (Non-Threaded & Semi-Threaded Boards)
Board Managers will find a new option on their Management page => Hiding Buttons section => labeled:
Should "tFormat" Link be shown on your Board?
If you answer "Yes" to this option, your board will display a new formatting link labeled: "tFormat", near the top of your board. This link gives users an alternative way of viewing messages. The new format displays messages using a Microsoft Windows Explorer type interface. You can test this option, by turning it on, trying it, and if you don't like it, turn it back off. We believe users will find this new feature an interesting and useful way of viewing messages.

2. User Option to eliminate use of popups Top
  (Non-Threaded & Semi-Threaded Boards)
Currently, whenver a user is viewing a list of message topics and clicks on a message topic title, that message topic and any replies(if any) are displayed in a separate window. Most users prefer this feature, because it allows them to view the list of message topic titles in one window, and the actual message topic text and replies in a separate window.
However we've had several requests that message topics not be displayed in a separate window, but rather use the same window to display a selected message and it's replies.
We've implemented this feature as a checkbox option near the bottom of each board. If a user wants to have message topics open in the same window, they need only click on the checkbox, located near the bottom of the board, labeled:
  "Click Here to have message topics open in same window"
They can easily switch back to normal mode by clicking the checkbox labeled:
  "Click Here to have message topics open in a separate window"

3. Sort Message Topics by date of last reply Top
  (Semi-Threaded & Threaded Boards)
Board managers now have the option of configuring their board to be sorted based on the date of the last reply of each message topic. Previously, message topics could only be sorted based on the creation date of message topics, regardless of the date of replies within those message topics.
To configure your board to have message topics sorted based on the last reply date of replies within the message topic, go to your:
Board Managment page => Main Settings section =>
and answer Yes to the Sort Option labeled:
"Should Message Topics be sorted by date of last reply?"

You can also give each user the option of choosing
to Sort by Date of Last Reply or Sort by Message Topic date.
To enable this user option, go to your
Board Management page => Hiding Buttons section =>
and answer Yes to the option labeled:
"Should SortByReplies link be shown on your Board?"
Doing this will cause a new link labeled: "SortByReplies" to be displayed on your board.

4. Additional Login Password protection Top
Previously password protected boards only required users to enter a login password to gain access. That is still the default password configuration, however a new feature has been added allowing board managers to require users to enter a Login Name, in addition to a password to gain access.
This feature can be enabled via your Board Management page => Password Protection section => and then answering Yes to the option labeled:
"Require users to enter their login name as well as login password?"

5. Server Hardware Upgrades(faster response times) Top
New Server Hardware upgrades were completed on Nov. 18, 2006.
These upgrades should provide faster response times, especially during peak periods.

For board managers interested in a shorter url for your board, there's an option on your
Management page => Main Settings section => last line of that section that reads:
"Click here for information on obtaining a shorter url/address for your board."

We can create and host two additional types of domain names for your board, either:

Hope you find these features helpful.

As usual, Any feedback from board managers, good or bad, is always welcome.

If you have other questions, call or email.

best regards,

Al Bennett
P.A. Corp. dba: BulletinBoards.com
[email protected]
Voice (321) 984 9080 Fax (772) 594 0682
9-5 EST Mon-Fri

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