Bulletin Board Enhancements (v8.1)

Board Manager Memo

Your message board at:
has been upgraded to Version 8.1.

Version 8.1 has been installed and is operational.
This memo describes an Enhancement associated with Version 8.1, the Calendar Feature .

Over the last 6+ years we've released upgrades, usually every 4-6 months, with most upgrade enhancements reflecting implementation of user requests for additional capabilities or changes.

This upgrade incorporates a specific user request that had become increasingly requested. The request was to add a "Calendar" feature to the boards. A feature allowing users to view and post calendar events via their message board. That feature has been added.

There's no additional charge for this feature.

Following is a more detailed description of the Calendar
feature incorporated into the Version 8.1 release.

The Calendar feature can be turned on/off or modified via your Board Management Panel.
The default configuration has it turned off.

New Board Manager Options

There are two Management page options related to this feature.
On your Board Management page => Hiding Buttons section =>
you'll find the following new links:
"Should "Calendar" Link be shown on your Board?"
"Should Only Moderators and Board Mgr be allowed to post calendar events?"

The default configuration setting for both of these options is "Off"

Detailed Description

Your board calendar gives users the option of viewing a monthly or daily summary of calendar events and/or events related only to a specific forum.

There is a "Help" link located near the top of the calendar page that provides additional information for calendar usage:
You can view this Help link by: Clicking Here

A link near the top of the calendar page, labeled:
"To add an event to the calendar Click Here"
allows users to add events to the calendar.

A user can delete an event by viewing the calendar event, and then clicking the "Delete" link located near the bottom of the event. The user must enter the password they used when creating the event, in order to delete it.

Calendar events cannot be Modified. If an event needs to be modified after posting, it can be deleted and reposted.

The new feature integrates your board's password/access privilege configuration to allow calendar envents to be posted to "Restricted" forums and/or created as "Private" events, viewable only by the creator of the event.

Remember, as the board manager, you can view or delete any event using your manager's passwowrd.

Hope you find the new Calendar feature useful.

As always, any comments, positive or negative are always welcome.

If you have other questions, call or email.

best regards,

Al Bennett
P.A. Corp. dba: BulletinBoards.com
[email protected]
Voice (321) 984 9080 Fax (772) 594 0682
9-5 EST Mon-Fri

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