Customer Comments

Way to go
Thanks AL
I appreciate your creative 
Expertise and pro ability
I like my web page very much

I definitely will refer as many people 
To you as I can 

Thanks a bunch

Les Dery

Posted on: Thursday 11 Oct 2018
By: Leslie Dery

Hey Al!!! I love it!
 Hey Al!!! I love it! 

Posted on: Thursday 30 Aug 2018
By: Kat Mock

Website looks awesome .
 Hey Al, just wanted to say thank you again, website looks awesome 
and i really appreciate the help and service you guys are providing for us 
i really cant thank you enough. 

Sincerly Stephen.

Also, When i get a chance ill update our google business listing to the site

Posted on: Monday 13 Aug 2018
By: Stephen Nutting
Organization: Central Air Systems

Thank You for all you do.
Thank You for all you do. 
I am very pleased with your service and the results really amazed me. 
I didn't know how important a web page is to a small company like ours. 
It has had a definite positive difference.

Ruby Gallagher
Roofing Solutions of Tampa

Posted on: Monday 23 Jul 2018
By: Ruby Gallagher
Organization: RoofingSolutionsOfTampa

Thanks much!
Hello Al, 

Thank you very much!  
You and the team at provide a great product with outstanding customer service.


Best Regards,


John Campbell



VIP Dispatch
(774) 364-2215 (Cell)
(508) 270-0000 (Main Office)
(508) 270-1031 (Fax)

Posted on: Saturday 23 Jun 2018
By: John Campbell
Organization: Total Connections, LLC.

Woo hoo
Woo hoo just got a call from a lady moving here from Wisconsin needs to board her dogs at bed n Biscuits for a night or so while they close on the new house.  
Loved the web site.
Says easy to find and looks good 😚

Debbie Beckwith

Posted on: Wednesday 04 Oct 2017
By: Debbie Beckwith

I love it.
I love it! 
Let's launch. .you did an awesome job !!! 
I will refer you to everyone I know! 

Thank you

Kat Mock

Posted on: Tuesday 02 Aug 2016
By: Kathy Mock
Organization: Kats Professional Grooming

You came highly recommended
Thank you for the very quick feedback, and the advice on paying for seo service. 
I don't intend to do anything like that, and would most likely bounce it off you first.

You came highly recommended - I have confidence your program will work just fine.

Thanks again

Posted on: Thursday 23 Jun 2016

The website looks amazing!!
Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. We had our sons graduation last week then decided to go out of town this weekend for my birthday so it has been a little crazy around here.

The website looks amazing!! Thank you so much for everything and explaining how everything works for us when we wanted to make changes that may hurt the search process. 
You and Rick have been so nice and a pleasure to work with :)

Thank you,
Cassie and Ted Lowman
Wags and Whiskers

Posted on: Tuesday 24 May 2016
By: Cassie Lowman

Perfect- and im very happy w the site. it has worked great for the boarding business. thanks!


Posted on: Tuesday 10 May 2016
By: Michele Stokes

Thank you so much for looking after us. 
This was new, scary territory for us. 

Pam and Grant Thoman

Posted on: Sunday 21 Feb 2016
By: Pam Thoman
Organization: Stumphead Stump

Looks really good
Hi Al, 

The website looks really good .

Thank you.

Catherine Rollock
Green Dog Grooming Spa and Dog Wash

Posted on: Friday 01 Jan 2016
By: Catherine Rollock
Organization: Green Dog Grooming Spa and Dog

Good Job
 Al,  thank you,  good job.

It looks good to go.  we appreciate your patience and efforts.

David Azar

Posted on: Saturday 26 Dec 2015
By: David Azar

The website looks great!


Posted on: Thursday 05 Nov 2015
By: Laura Pritchard
Organization: Shampoochie's Dog Grooming

Have a great product .
Thank you- You do have a great product and I have recommended it to others.


Joyce Olson-Burpee

Computer Operations Manager

Posted on: Wednesday 12 Aug 2015
By: Joyce Olson-Burpee

Everything's fine here too
Hi Al,

I checked. You did make the change where I needed it. 
Thanks so much for being so quick!!

Glad to hear everything's fine with you. Everything's fine here too. 
We are crazy busy and loving it!! 
I know the awesome website you built for us has a lot to do with that!! :-)

Thanks again!! Take care!


Posted on: Wednesday 05 Aug 2015
By: Kathy Mauk
Organization: Shear Elegance Pet Boutique

You guys are great!
You guys are great!  I am very satisfied with my placement on Google thanks to you guys. Thank you again.


Posted on: Wednesday 22 Jul 2015
By: Wesley Neville

Thank you for the outstanding support .
 Hi Al,

First of all I want to thank you for the outstanding support you gave me on the high school reunion website over the past 6 months.  The ease of using your website, as well as the support you personally provided me when I had questions was much appreciated.  It was a 'replay' of the great support you gave me 4 years ago for the grade school reunion. 

My classmates were extremely pleased with how it turned out.  Their pleasure would not have been possible without your great service and help. 

Now that the reunion is over, we no longer need the website, so please do not extend the website service beyond the end of this month.  Let me know if I need to follow some other process to ensure that the service is terminated at the end of this month.

Please feel free to use my testimonial in any advertising if you find it useful. 

Thanks Again!

Richard Michalski

Posted on: Wednesday 24 Jun 2015
By: Richard Michalski
Organization: Notre Dame High School Reunion

That looks really good!
That looks really good!  
One thing though... 
the hours of operation, 
can you change that to 8-8 everyday? 
We are always  

Other than that the website looks really good! 

Posted on: Tuesday 05 May 2015
By: Jodi Agocs

Thank You
Thank you and for all you done for my business 


Posted on: Tuesday 17 Feb 2015
By: John Costello

Regarding our new web site -
I absolutely love it.

Ariel Coughlin
Madison, Mississippi

Posted on: Wednesday 04 Feb 2015
By: Ariel Coughlin
Organization: 601-853-1233

Thanks Al. 
As always, terrific support from you and your staff.


Posted on: Wednesday 14 Jan 2015
By: Dick Parsons

Looks Amazing
Just saw our new website.
It looks amazing.


Posted on: Tuesday 30 Dec 2014
By: Michelle Boespflug
Organization: (480) 985-8066

Thanks, you did an awesome job
Thank you Al.
You are a pleasure to work with.


Posted on: Wednesday 19 Nov 2014
By: Doris Ellis
Organization: The Paw Patch

The site looks awesome.
The site looks awesome. I love it you did a great job!

Posted on: Tuesday 11 Nov 2014
By: Brenda Gallagher

We love, love the web site.
Hi Al,
First thing is we love, love the web site.
There are few things we need changed or added but nothing substantial.
Thank you again for all your hard and wonderful work your doing on our web site. I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Posted on: Tuesday 07 Oct 2014
By: Lisa Bovino

It looks great
 Well Al, It looks great. Thanks for a really good website. My husband recently opened a computer repair service. When he is ready for a website, you will be the person he'll call.

Posted on: Tuesday 23 Sep 2014
By: Glenda Y Burns

Thanks for the wonderful service you have been providing
Hi Al,
First of all thank you for the wonderful service you have been providing. I have been very happy with the site.
I do need to make a few small changes and would like to add more pictures.

Thanks again for the great website!!

Melody M.

Posted on: Thursday 14 Aug 2014
By: Melody Murphy
Organization: Dalmation Station Salon

Looks awesome!!!!
Thank you Al,

Looks awesome!!!!

Loving Paws Dog Grooming Salon

Posted on: Wednesday 13 Aug 2014
By: Dawn Grant
Organization: Loving Paws Dog Grooming Salon

Perfect -
I'm very happy with the site. 
It has worked great for boarding business. 

Posted on: Tuesday 15 Jul 2014
By: Josie Perry

Looks awesome!
Finally got to look at website. I think it's awesome.
Great job and thank you!!!


Posted on: Sunday 22 Jun 2014
By: Phyllis Hunter

Thank you for good service
I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for running  Atlanta's lost dog message board. We lost our dog and found her (through our local pet store contact), but it was so     
reassuring to be able to do something proactive and feel like we were reaching out to people quicker with this board. 

Thank you for the great service.

Best wishes,
Ginette Brown

Posted on: Friday 14 Feb 2014
By: Ginette Brown

I would not hesitate to recommend your services
Thank you for all you have done and for the responsiveness you have shown over the years.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who wants an easy to operate, well maintained message board.

Posted on: Thursday 30 Jan 2014
By: Lynda Lacono

Happy Thanksgiving!!
It's great to hear from you!! 
No worries, we are absolutely thrilled with 
our website and the business it is bringing 
us!! We also very much appreciate how easy 
it is to do business with you!!

We will remain your loyal customers as long 
as we are both in business!! :-) We will also 
continue to give raving references for you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thank you!

Posted on: Wednesday 27 Nov 2013
By: Kathy

You all do a great job
You all do a great job . 
I have actually referred you to a couple of my friends that you have built web sites for and they are very pleased as well . 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families ! 

Posted on: Tuesday 26 Nov 2013
By: Chris Hildenbrand
Organization: Gulf Coast Carpet

We are extremely happy with our website
We are extremely happy with our website and your service!
I am so glad that we found you. Thanks for checking in with us.

Missy Hoffmann

Posted on: Tuesday 26 Nov 2013
By: Missy Hoffmann
Organization: San Carlos Roofing

Works great..
Works great...thanks....customers love the site and I have already gotten my first new customer from the web site.

Posted on: Thursday 10 Oct 2013
By: Grace Munger

Looks Really Good!

Posted on: Tuesday 08 Oct 2013
By: Jim Householder
Organization: Thermal Zone AC & Heating

LOVE IT!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!
Thank you so much! It's exactly what I was thinking!!!

wendy z.
Budget Home Maintenance

Posted on: Monday 16 Sep 2013
By: Wendy Zebley
Organization: Budget Home Maintenance

Thank you
Thank you for all your work, this really went fast.
I was surprised.
Thank you again.


Posted on: Friday 06 Sep 2013
By: Susan Acton

Thanks again for all you've done, the web site looks great! 

Anna & Pat

Posted on: Monday 19 Aug 2013
By: Anna/Pat

Wonderful Sales Manager
Once again thank you very much and by the way you have a wonderful sales manager. 
I always enjoy talking with him as well as his quick response to matters as well. 
Your customer services are wonderful.  Have a blessed day.
Courtney Potes

Posted on: Wednesday 24 Jul 2013
By: Courtney Potes
Organization: CanineCountryPetSpa

Looks Great !!
It looks great. I've got several customers working on testimonials, so as soon as I get those I will email them to you.

Posted on: Wednesday 17 Jul 2013
By: Nichole Larew
Organization: Paradise Pets

Your website services are great!!!
 I've gotten so many calls for my boarding business! 



Posted on: Wednesday 19 Jun 2013
By: Michelle Stokes

Wonderful experience!
 Thank you for all your support! I am amazed at how wonderful the web site looks. You always take my messages and add that special touch to make it very professional. The response from the site is much more than expected. It's nice to have one less thing to worry about! 

Posted on: Tuesday 11 Jun 2013
By: Denise O'Rourke
Organization: Catering2Pets

Great Support
 You've always offered great and expedient support and I appreciate your patience with my many questions, especially at the start-up of our message board.

Marijo Klingler

Training & Development

Illinois Eye Surgeons

Posted on: Monday 20 May 2013
By: Marijo Klingler
Organization: Illinois Eye Surgeons

Looks Fantastic!
Looks fantastic!!   I love my new website!!  Great job and many thank yous!! I will recommend your services to any business person. I will send  more photos when we have them. thanks again.


Posted on: Wednesday 10 Apr 2013
By: BethAnn Barton

Thank you so much
Thank you so much. You really made this a simple process. 
I am excited to start directing our customers to our website, it looks great!

Missy Hoffmann
San Carlos Roofing

Posted on: Wednesday 06 Feb 2013
By: Missy Hoffmann
Organization: San Carlos Roofing


It's beautiful. 
I took some more pics today, but will wait for at least a month before updating to you. 
I'll keep an eye open for the google business listing card.

Thanks for all the hard work.


Posted on: Thursday 06 Dec 2012
By: Lesa Criswell

I went through several Bulletin Board programs.  All had poor customer service, if any at all. is easy to use, easy to make changes - and most importantly if I have a problem there is someone there to answer the phone and talk me through it.

I wish more companies were set up this way.  Thanks for all the help. 

Posted on: Monday 19 Nov 2012
By: Chris

Thanks again
Looks Awesome!
Go ahead & launch!
So excited!
Let me know once it has launched. :)

It's people like your organization that make people realize good things can come to everyone & hard work pays off.
Thanks again.

Posted on: Saturday 17 Nov 2012
By: Angela Bennett

Couldn't ask for a better website
Hi guys,  I couldn't ask for a better website thank you so much and God bless
you and Rick for finding me. You have no Idea how badly I needed your help!

Posted on: Monday 29 Oct 2012
By: Cindy Jones

These guys are terrific.
  These guys are terrific, they do exactly what they say they will.   Great website great
job.  Thank you

Posted on: Wednesday 24 Oct 2012
By: Linda Grossman
Organization: Personal Touch All Breed Dog G

Looks Great!
Everything looks really great.
I love it.
You all have done an awesome job.

Posted on: Tuesday 16 Oct 2012
By: Linda Grossman
Organization: PersonalTouchAllBreedGrooming

Rick delivered everything he promised to me.  I'm very happy with the finished results of my new Web Site.  Al worked with me (God Bless)  in the limited time frame I was available and delivered exceptional talent in design and text.  I highly recommend these guys. Kudos. thanks Deb Yeakey aka Debs Dogs  

Posted on: Wednesday 03 Oct 2012
By: Debra Yeakey
Organization: Debs Dogs

Great to work with.
Thanks Al.
Again – you have been wonderful to work with and always there
with quick responses when I’ve needed you.
Top notch organization and service.

Your Ribbon Print Team
         (888) 289-8101

Posted on: Monday 24 Sep 2012
By: SUE M.
Organization: The Ribbon Print Company

Outstanding Job
Sorry to be so much trouble, but I wanted our site to look as nice as possible –
you’ve done an outstanding job!
Thanks so much, Al!!



Posted on: Thursday 13 Sep 2012
By: Beth Walker

Thank you very much
Once again thank you very much.
And by the way you have a wonderful sales manager.
I always enjoy talking with him as well as his quick response to matters as well.
Your customer services are wonderful. Have a blessed day.

Courtney Potes 

Posted on: Thursday 23 Aug 2012
By: Courtney Potes

Whole thing is quite amazing
Thanks for an amazing job ! I'm speaking of your bulletin boards. The more that I use them becoming more familiar with different features and options the more I appreciate what you've created. The managers board is quite amazing. The whole thing is quite amazing to me with so many different features and options and yet with minimal application, it's very user friendly for a lay person like me. Great job !

Again Thanks


Posted on: Tuesday 14 Aug 2012
By: Michael Standridge

Pampered Pets
Thank so much Al on the wonderful job on my website! It looks amazing! The calls are already rolling in. Thank you so much for all you help. 

Pampered Pets
Union, MO

Posted on: Monday 30 Jul 2012
By: Lillian Strait

Thank You
Thanks you for being so helpful and accommodating.


Posted on: Thursday 10 May 2012
By: Pamela Freeman

Thanks so much
Al, thank you so much for all your work. I love my new web site and am hoping to increase my business in the next few months. I am really excited to now be in the 21st century. It took me a while to catch up, but you do get slower as you age!
Thanks again,

Posted on: Wednesday 09 May 2012
By: Becky Reece

Thanks to Al
The experience with Al has been great ! Timely and professional. His expertise makes it seem effortless. He listened to my ideas and created exactly what I wanted.
Thanks again, Al for such an amazing job !

Posted on: Wednesday 09 May 2012
By: Tribemania

A Great Service
 Bulletin has been helpful with any website problem I've had. They've  provided ongoing service in a timely manner. They did a great job setting up the site and getting everything just the way I wanted.  I would highly recommend this company.

Posted on: Saturday 05 May 2012
Organization: Life Healing, Inc.

A Wonderful Website!
Al helped us change our web site  when we were copied by a competitor. He was fast, efficient, and made our site more personal than our old site. We thank him for all his work, and look forward to a long relationship with his company.

Kim Kotsifas
Auer Roofing, Inc. 

Posted on: Thursday 26 Apr 2012
By: Auer Roofing, Inc
Organization: Roofing Company

Excellente! Muchas Gracias
That logo really changes the look of our template, thank you. 
Finally, after all my problems with PHP scripting bugs, you can't imagine how delighted I am with the ease of use of your board management panel. This is going to fun.


Hacienda San Joaquin
Owners Association
Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Posted on: Sunday 04 Mar 2012
By: Patrick Robinson
Organization: HSJ Owners Association

Thank You
Thank you for your service, all excellent, 
and I do recommend you to many colleagues! 


Jane Tingle Broderick, Ed. D.
Associate Professor
Department of Human Development and Learning
East Tennessee State University

Posted on: Wednesday 28 Dec 2011
By: Jane Broderick
Organization: East Tennessee State Universit

Thank you for the years of excellent service and support.


Posted on: Saturday 17 Sep 2011
By: Paul Keller
Organization: Arkansas Baptist APUSH

Jim owens
I have worked with a lot of different software packages over the years.  I also worked in technical service before I retired. has the best technical service I have seen - bar none!
  • When I needed "set-up" help, I got it.
  • When I needed help to segment the forum for improved performance, I got it.
  • When I needed help to insure that I had performed BackUp procedures correctly, I got it.
I appreciate the quick and accurate technical support responses that I have received.      

Posted on: Wednesday 14 Sep 2011
By: Jim Owens
Organization: Christopher Leadership Course

Just set a board up.
 I wish to commend you on the design of the Message Board application.

It was easy to set preferences. The logical choices were complete.

Posted on: Monday 22 Aug 2011
By: David Martin
Organization: Porteaux Bay Neighborhood Assn


Posted on: Tuesday 21 Jun 2011
By: Russell Page
Organization: SIMMONS SHORES

I have received great service over the years.

If we at any time need the services of an outside 
bulletin board again, I will be back.

Brian Van Roekel
IT Manager | AmBath/Re-Bath, LLC

Posted on: Tuesday 03 May 2011
By: Brian Van Roekel
Organization: AMBATH

We appreciate your company being so great to work with over the last several years. You and your staff have helped me tremendously since I've been handling this. We also appreciate the assistance you have given previous board members. The Message Board has been a great service for our Alumni.

Posted on: Wednesday 13 Apr 2011
By: Debbie Ownby
Organization: Milan High School Alumni Board

Count on me
Thanks for all your help.  Last night, I loaded the pictures on the site.  It was a fair amount of work.  I shared it with a small number of classmates on the reunion committee, and they all loved it.
Once again, thanks for your help.  I worked for General Motors for 43 years, and came to understand the importance of customer satisfaction.  Your response to my questions exceeded my expectations.  Quite frankly, I expected responses on Monday. If you ever need some recommendations, you can count on me.
Dick Michalski

Posted on: Monday 24 Jan 2011
By: Dick Michalski

Thanks guys.
A+ for customer service

Joy P.

Posted on: Thursday 13 Jan 2011
By: Joy Pachowicz
Organization: Voice Your Opinion

Re: Message Board help
Many thanks. Now that's what I call customer service!

Best regards,


Posted on: Sunday 19 Dec 2010
By: Richard Schwartz
Organization: Counterpoint-IX

Customer service lives up to the claim.
Thank you. 
Your customer service sure lives up to the claim. 
That's  rare today and I appreciate it.

Jim Strickland

Posted on: Wednesday 15 Dec 2010
By: Jim Strickland

My thoughts:


Your BB service is the best by far.

I think you'd make a great deal more money from it if you promoted it better.  Here's how I described it to my coauthors on the 
paper that will be discussed on this BB:

My choice because:
(1) it works, 

(2) it's simple, 

(3) messages in discussion threads, when they get going,  are not just listed chronologically, as on most discussion boards (a feature that gives me little patience for them), but in a tiered outline, so you can see what's a reply to a 
reply to a reply(Fully Threaded format)

(4) two-frame view, so you know where you are in said tree and can jump around;

(5) users can upload a PDF markup or a rebuttal in Word." 

Posted on: Wednesday 15 Dec 2010
By: John Ginsberg
Organization: LBO and Fraudulent Transfer

Simple and Straightforward
Your system is simple and straightforward, easy to operate.  You have provided excellent customer service. 
Use me for a referral anytime you want.

NewCourt Condominiums

Posted on: Monday 29 Nov 2010
By: Roger Harman
Organization: NewCourt Condominiums

Another remark


Here is another remark from one of the b.board people just today:
 He said: "Have you been to the new forum yet? It's pretty slick!"       

We all love it.  I have had hard core bulletin board users say: 
"This is better than Google!".  and other nice things.


Posted on: Saturday 30 Oct 2010
By: Dianna Taplin
Organization: Alaska Citizens Militia

Thanks again
Thanks so much for your help today and speedy changes.  
I think the board will be much easier to use.


Posted on: Wednesday 29 Sep 2010
By: Linda Shaw

Excellent Web Service and Customer Support!
 I have used a few different hosting services over the years. BulletinBoard is the best I have come across. Not only was it so incredibly easy to setup a message board, but the customer service is incredible.  Thanks Al!
Rose Williams

Posted on: Wednesday 09 Jun 2010
By: Rose Williams

I have tried several message boards since 1998 and this is by far THE BEST. Easy to set up and easy to use - yet very powerful.

Posted on: Tuesday 08 Jun 2010
By: Dalton Phillips

Re: Chat Feature
Thank you – it worked perfectly and thanks for your on-going support! 
The reviews were right – this is an awesome resource.



Posted on: Friday 26 Mar 2010
By: Carrielynn

Thanks again

Thanks again for such a great product.


Posted on: Tuesday 09 Mar 2010
By: Sue Monhait
Organization: Ribbon Print USA

Eight years!!!
The Texas State Troopers Association has had a message board for eight years and two weeks now. I am so grateful for all your help and support over the years, and for the tremendous functionality of your product.
Over 600,000 log-ins and still counting. 
Don Dickson 

Posted on: Monday 25 Jan 2010
By: Don Dickson

Customer Support
Your support must surely be a feather in your cap. No flattering, really.
It's just that I got so frustrated with folks around the Internet,  you never know what to expect next. 

Dr. Giovanni Cerretti

Posted on: Wednesday 23 Dec 2009
By: Giovanni Cerretti

Support is awesome!
Your support is awesome!    

Posted on: Wednesday 18 Nov 2009
By: Jeff Hoffman
Organization: Northwest Georgia Paddlers

Easy for me to setup and install
I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the great job your company did in putting together, it is an outstanding forum application.  I searched for many days looking for exactly what BulletinBoards offers.  You made it easy for me to setup and install, and it works wonderfully.

I am a few weeks away from launching my website into the public arena; just a few more spelling and syntax errors to fix, and I am good to go.  I hope that I can hold my own against the bright minds I am soliciting.  All this is possible because BulletinBoards will allow them to communicate using whatever tools they need towards effectively presenting their ideas.  "BulletinBoards makes my website possible."
Al, Thank you - so very much for your help.  Companies like yours make America a better nation.  I will certainly recommend BulletinBoards to any one that needs a great forum service. 

Have a great day my friend, 

Sincerely, Mark Maloney

Spokane, WA. 

Posted on: Friday 13 Nov 2009
By: Mark Maloney

re: Message Board Enhancement(Multiple Photos Allowed)
As always, you guys rock.  Not sure how I'm going to ride herd on my ladies to keep the files small, but it's a great feature. 


Posted on: Sunday 08 Nov 2009
By: Lynda Lacono

Thanks Al
As always, the most impressive thing about your site is the customer assistance. Everytime, nearly, I speak with Al who has always been able to assist me. He has even taken my request/suggestion for a feature and worked it into the manager's control options. A site is only as good as its customer support, and's is extremely good in comparison to the other sites I have come into contact with on the web. Kudos to you and your team.
John Elwell
CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.
Zephyrhills, FL

Posted on: Sunday 11 Oct 2009
By: John Elwell
Organization: CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty

Excellent Support
Thanks Al

I must say, your technical support is excellent.

Regards and best wishes.


Posted on: Friday 18 Sep 2009
By: Lindsay Smith
Organization: ClipperMotorYachts-Ownersforum

Thank you very much
Your personal support is Greatly Appreciated.  
Quite Refreshing in our Busy Society! 


Posted on: Friday 26 Jun 2009
By: John H Anderson

Vital part of our church community
Our board is a very vital part of our church community.  I highly reccomend it.

It has taken a few years to make it the center of our collective conversation but now it works wonderfully.
Thanks Al

David Oaks, d.o.

Posted on: Monday 16 Mar 2009
By: David Oaks

Thank you for your very diligent service
I get stuck occasionally, but the staff is always there to help me.

Thank you very much for your unwavering service and more power to you guys!

Drug Intervention Virginia

Posted on: Sunday 08 Mar 2009
By: Allison Forst
Organization: Drug Intervention Virginia

You have a wonderful site
You have a wonderful site. It is very easy to manage, and setup was wonderful.

Phyllis D

Posted on: Saturday 17 Jan 2009
By: Phyllis Davis
Organization: Rocky Mountain School

I love your whole format
I love your whole format and it is so cool that we can create so many changes to a board and it can still work so well.
I am excited to have my clients use it.

thanks again,


Posted on: Monday 10 Nov 2008
By: Stephanie Modri RNC

My nickel’s worth…
I've had numerous opportunities to chat with people in the hospitality arena
and every time I mention that we use the BBS for in house coordination among
staff and to solicit staff feedback for problems/improvements, they consistently
comment on what a great idea it is.

I talk with a few Market Managers for companies like Travelocity and Expedia about
different, innovative things we do at this property and they make notes so I'm
guessing the word is spreading. From my perspective, I think the board is an
invaluable tool for us. It beats the hell out of sticky notes!


My nickel's worth


Paul Ozburn
Revenue Ranger & Web Wiz
Boulder Outlook Hotel & Suites
Boulders Home Of The Blues
T: 720.974.7767
F: 303.449.5130


Posted on: Wednesday 15 Oct 2008
By: Paul Ozburn
Organization: Boulder Outlook Hotel & Suites


Wow, what responsiveness!





Posted on: Monday 13 Oct 2008
By: John C.
Organization: Wexford Home Owner's Assn.

Personal and Top Notch
Let me say that I found your support personal and top notch.

Thanks again.

Adam Watson

Posted on: Saturday 20 Sep 2008
By: Adam Watson
Organization: DTT Surveillance -

As always, you guys totally rock!

As always, you guys totally rock!   When AOL changed their format to something everyone hated and I was the only one on our board with just enough knowledge to shop for a new message board, I was thrilled when I found yours and have not regretted it for a day in the nearly three years we've been with you.   Thank you from all us bulldog lovers!


Posted on: Wednesday 11 Jun 2008
By: Lynda Lacono

Bulletin Boards Dot Com is super

I thought it would take me months but I think our board will be up and running today, ready for the entire neighborhood to apply for a password.

Paul Edwards

Posted on: Thursday 15 May 2008
By: Paul Edwards
Organization: Mount Olive Shores North HOA

Would gladly recommend it to others
Since our board's inception, we have been very pleased by your service and would gladly recommend it to others (in fact I have and they are using your service).

Thank you,
Chris Greene, D.C.

Greene Chiropractic
Christopher Greene, D.C.
1145 So. Camino Del Rio, Ste. 120
Durango, CO 81303

Posted on: Tuesday 13 May 2008
By: Chris Greene
Organization: Greene Chiropractic

This is a great board
This is by far the most user friendly board I have seen out there. Nice job!
You are fantastic, thank you!
I will use your boards for any websites I do.
Thanks much for these highly configurable, flexible boards!


Posted on: Tuesday 13 May 2008
By: Erin Lilly

Thanks again

You know, when I was researching current BBSs, one of the main reasons I picked this one was because

of the comments of users regarding your service by name. Having been a bartender for 30 years, I believe in letting folks

know when service is good & not just for complaints. So thank you again...

& God Bless, felix

Posted on: Wednesday 23 Apr 2008
By: Felix Gomez
Organization: Broken Wing Saloon & Brothel

Setup was a breeze
Setting up the bulletin Board was a breeze.
You have made this process completely painless.

Anthony Licciardone
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

Posted on: Monday 21 Apr 2008
By: Anthony Licciardone
Organization: General Dynamics

My board has been reliable and easy to use
I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed this and working with you guys.
Your board has been reliable, easy to use, and I appreciate your quick
replies to all questions.

Posted on: Sunday 20 Apr 2008
By: Pat Hinton

Our 2nd year using your service
This is our 2nd year using your service. It’s easy to set up, even for less technically oriented people like us. Dealt with Barbara quite a bit last year-great customer service! Keep up the good work.

Joe Connelly

RunVermont Technical Coordinator

Posted on: Thursday 21 Feb 2008
By: Joe Connelly

We love them
We love them....  We've been with them for over 6 years and  they are outstanding in every way.   I can't say enough about how good they have treated us in every facet of the "bulletin board" business and fulfilling our needs as a very active website / interactive forum.

We wholeheartedly recommend.

Best Regards,


D & M analysis
THINK TANK sports forum

Posted on: Monday 21 Jan 2008
By: Dot
Organization: THINK TANK sports forum

First Choice
Please accept my compliments on not only your
outstanding "Bulletin Board service", but the
outstanding support provided!

Thank you,

James (Jim) LaMont
Board Manager

Posted on: Friday 04 Jan 2008
By: Jim LaMont

Simple to use.
I  appreciate your service and it is doing exactly what I need it to and is very simple to use, so thank you.

Posted on: Friday 07 Dec 2007
By: Chuck Brooks

Everyone is tickled .

Everyone is tickled with this board, by the way, and I am so pleased with how it is working out.

Posted on: Saturday 20 Oct 2007
By: Susan Beranek
Organization: Charlie Co, Forward!!

YOU guys are the BEST!!
Thank you so much - and such quick action!  I'll get the word out...

Posted on: Friday 12 Oct 2007
By: Jeanne Poirier
Organization: North Central Washington CCC

Truly appreciated
I am so pleased that we decided to park our little group on your message board service.   As always, you guys totally rock!


Posted on: Thursday 02 Aug 2007
By: Lynda Lacono

Best and Simplest

I've looked at a lot of boards and yours is by far the best and simplest.

Thanks very much.

All the best,


Posted on: Monday 14 May 2007
By: Rae

Easy to setup and use
We found the service very useful, easy to setup & use, and will definitely keep the contact information for future reference should the need arise again.

Kevin Wolf
Network Admin.
102 East Moreno Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO   80903-3918


Posted on: Tuesday 27 Mar 2007
By: Kevin Wolf

Prompt and courteous attention

I appreciate your prompt and courteous attention.

I have told numerous entrepreneurs about you and wanted to let you know we have placed you on the resource list for our members.

Terrie Annechino
The Successful Entrepreneur

Posted on: Tuesday 20 Mar 2007
By: Terrie Annechino
Organization: The Successful Entrepreneur

Superb product and Customer care

If you ever need a testimonial about the superb product and the customer care you offer, please do not hesitate to ask me.   I would be most pleased to help you.

Best regards,


Speaking Your Language in Real Estate

MBA, Realtor, ABR, CIPS-Designee, GRI-Candidate Windermere Prescott Gateway Real Estate 3030 Highway 69 Prescott, AZ   86301

Posted on: Monday 05 Mar 2007
By: Sue Marceau

First Class
You are a first class operation!
Just sent payment via Paypal.

Thanks so much!

-Paul Kluwe

Collins Collectors Association

Posted on: Thursday 15 Feb 2007
By: Paul Kluwe

Wow, great service!
Thanks Al.

Posted on: Monday 18 Dec 2006
By: Dave Rilling

Customer service is soooooooo lacking in this day and age
I can't tell you how impressed and pleased I am with the discovery of!  I've been doing the Tucson men's soccer league web page
for nine or ten years (maybe longer) and I've used Ultimate Bulletin Board
script on the site the entire time.  The directions for installing it on the
server were adequate and it has worked fine for me over the years.  However,
several weeks ago, ValueWeb migrated the site to new servers and they didn't
tell me that my cgi-bin was going to be turned upside down in the migration
and, of course, I had to enter a new relative path, etc. into everything so
that the UBB continued to function.  Unfortunately, despite the changes that
I thought would fix the problem, the board did NOT function and because I
hadn't upgraded in YEARS, they no longer supported the version I had.  

So, I went "googling" on the internet and found your site and fell
immediately in love with the concept of not having to deal with the script
myself (I know just enough about computers and perl/cgi to be dangerous and
not enough to get myself out of trouble).  It is a little more expensive for
me, but I hope to pass the cost on to the men's soccer league.  However,
even if they don't want to pick up the tab, the discounted amount for paying
your fee a year at a time makes this totally affordable.  

I am also impressed with how fast the bulletin board was available to me AND
the fact that you sent out a follow-up e-mail.  Customer service is
soooooooo lacking in this day and age -- I love doing business with someone
who recognizes its importance.

Thanks for checking in!

Maggie Barton

Posted on: Saturday 02 Dec 2006
By: Maggie Barton

Great Service

You provide an excellent service. I have had NO problems having had Fish Window Cleaning’s forum hosted with you for quite some time now… probably a year or two or three. Yours is such a “seamless” service, I don’t even think about it, and frankly, can’t remember when we started up with you. That… I hope… would be considered a nice compliment.

Anyway, I consider your solution to our needs for a forum to have been money extremely well spent.

So thanks – as always – for providing a great service and responding to questions quickly.

Mark Sweetnam
Midwest Networking Services, Inc
Consultant for Fish Window Cleaning

Posted on: Friday 20 Oct 2006
By: Mark Sweetnam
Organization: Midwest Networking Services

Thanks Al
Love the product......

Kenneth M. Lewis
American History/8th Grade Team Leader
Head Baseball Coach
King & Low-Heywood Thomas School

Posted on: Tuesday 10 Oct 2006
By: Ken Lewis
Organization: King & Heywood Thomas School

Great Service
This is a great service  you have.


Posted on: Monday 02 Oct 2006
By: Rick Eary
Organization: VINS Development Group

When I am next looking for a bulletin board will definitely be top at the of my list.
The service and features have been excellent, and I would happily
do business with your organization again.


Posted on: Friday 22 Sep 2006
By: Neil Chambers

Really appreciate your responsiveness
It's very refreshing to find someone that actually takes care of customer's requests

Posted on: Wednesday 13 Sep 2006
By: Dave "Mac" McCaffrey

Pleasantly surprised
Working with you is simple and faultless!

Mary Beth

Posted on: Thursday 31 Aug 2006
By: Mary Beth Jerry
Organization: Trinity Lutheran Church Brewst

Many thanks for your fast service.
You're awesome


Posted on: Thursday 24 Aug 2006
By: Dana Altobelli

What a slick service!
What a slick service!

Thanks again.  I'll pass the word to more of my association management
colleagues out there about how wonderful this is.


Patricia McLaughlin, Executive Director
Illinois Movers' and Warehousemen's Association

Posted on: Monday 14 Aug 2006
By: Patricia McLaughli
Organization: IL. Movers' and Warehouse Assn

Great service!
Great service! I'm raving about you to everyone!

BTW, see what I wrote about your service on the Day #10 Tools section of
this page:

Posted on: Wednesday 26 Jul 2006
By: David Smith

Very Good Looking Site
It is clean and neat. 
Thanks, again.  LT

Posted on: Monday 03 Jul 2006
By: Hank Davis

Thank you for the service
Most importantly --
thank you for being a phone call away

I hate on-line services that do not provide a phone line to a real person!


Posted on: Sunday 02 Jul 2006
By: Jeanne Ferris

I Love It
It is awsome

Posted on: Tuesday 06 Jun 2006
By: Chris Crusofiction
Organization: kpw wrestling

Very easy to set up

Looks like it will do exactly what I need.
Very easy to set up, quite a pleasant surprise.

Posted on: Monday 05 Jun 2006
By: Dave Rilling

Set up was easy
All I can say is WOW.
Your response was more than timely. It was almost immediate.
From what I have thus far experienced with your company I am confident
this will be a fruitfull association.

Thank you, the set up was easy and I think it will fit our needs wonderfully.

Posted on: Tuesday 16 May 2006
By: Captain Pete

Congratulations and Thanks
What you have created to make it so easy to set up an attractive and effective bulletin board is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen on the Internet! Your support, too, is faster and better than any major company provides today in America. Thanks Al.

Posted on: Thursday 11 May 2006
By: Ray Schumack
Organization: L.I. Moving & Storage Assco.

You guys are phenomenal
This is the 3rd bulletin board we've set up, and your company is phenomenal.  If you ever need a testimonial, let me know.  I've been so pleased that a techno-dork like me can operate it, and you've saved my company weeks of time in talking to people who can now report problems and get a response directly from a subcontractor.  You have responded to my questions at all hours of the day and night.

Thanks for all you do!
Susan Albern

Posted on: Wednesday 10 May 2006
By: Susan Albern
Organization: Rocky Mountain Property Mgmt.

Easy to use. Good support
I know absolutley nothing about managing a message board, and have never done it before.  The set-up and managing is so easy it was literally up and running in minutes.  I had a tech question that I emailed in before I left for work, and got a response back that answered all my questions within the hour.  (Thanks Al)  
 I am very pleased with the boards and the support.  Top Notch.

Posted on: Thursday 06 Apr 2006
By: Ron Mueller
Organization: HotD

Keeping it simple.
Just signed up as a customer and I want to congratulate you guys for keeping the setup all-so-simple!
It was easy to understand and thorough!

Posted on: Monday 13 Mar 2006
By: Daryl Avant
Organization: Marketers Expo

Great Product!
What a great product! I am a marketing consultant/web designer & am excited to offer this to my customers websites without having to program it myself! Thank You!

Posted on: Monday 02 Jan 2006
By: Karri Hill

6yrs, GREAT Service
Hello Al, This is Rich Palmeri from American Veteran Search. I got to say in 6yrs of doing business with your boards the service we have always received from you personally just continues to be top shelf. Our message center boards have received hundreds of thousands of visitors in the past 6yrs and never did we have a problem and are responsible for thousands of Veterans reuniting with a buddy. Anytime we needed your help you were their personally for us on the phone. Keep up the great work... Your #1 Al....

Posted on: Thursday 03 Nov 2005
By: Rich Palmeri
Organization: American Veteran Search

This is Good
I congratulate you for your efforts. Keep it up.

Posted on: Wednesday 12 Oct 2005
By: E. N. Iheakaram Esq.
Organization: Total Sports Management Int'l

Want to express my thanks for fast response and great service.
Enjoy the weekend!

Posted on: Friday 17 Jun 2005
By: Edie Ivers
Organization: Equine Racing Systems Inc

Wow Al - you guys rock!
One more question - can I set up my archives to group by the date they were archived? Thanks again for your help - you guys get the big customer service thumbs up!

Posted on: Thursday 26 May 2005
By: Kirrsten Berggren

Thank You!!!
You folks are the greatest, and the Bulletin Board service is well worth the money!!!

Posted on: Tuesday 17 May 2005
By: Susan Osada
Organization: The Chat Spot

Dear Sir/Madam, The way you extend co-operation towards your clients, I am sure you would go a long way towards success. I hope and believe you would continue helping us, in different areas of our bulletin boards so that it should become real useful and profitable piece for you and us. Great work!Bless you and your team.

Posted on: Monday 16 May 2005
By: Principal PAI School

Wow! That was fast!
Thanks for putting my logo up on my message board for me. I love your message board, and it's soooo easy! Thanks Again!!!

Posted on: Sunday 20 Mar 2005
By: Laura Daab

Third Anniversary
Today marks the third anniversary of the launch of TSTA's online bulletin board at As of this writing, there have been a total of 161,591 user sessions -- an average of 53,864 user sessions per year, or 148 per day. A total of 8,677 messages have been posted since December 17, 2001.
I cannot thank you and enough for helping the Texas State Troopers Association to foster communications with our membership and with the general public!
With best wishes for a safe and joyous holiday season for you'n'yours,

Posted on: Friday 17 Dec 2004
By: Don Dickson

Great Support
I am very impressed with your quick response. Be assured I will direct potential BB customers your way.

Posted on: Thursday 02 Dec 2004
By: John B.
Organization: versus Akiva and vBulletin
Helo Al,
Three months ago, I sent this list [below] of product needs/inquiries to you at, to Lotus Notes QuickPlace, to Akiva WebBoard, and to vBulletin. It has taken us FOREVER to sort through the workings and details of each of these applications, but we have finally arrived at as our recommendation for our for Research Associateship Programs bulletin board for approximately 500 postdocs

Posted on: Wednesday 01 Dec 2004
By: Suzanne White
Organization: NRC Research Council

Thanks again.
Thanks so much for helping me out. As usual, you have always replied in a timely manner and your customer service exceeds my expectations. Thanks again,

Posted on: Friday 01 Oct 2004
By: Gayle Moussa
Organization: Care Along The Way

Great Support
Wow! Thanks for such a quick response. I think I can handle this with the folks that host our sites.
I can't believe how intuitive it was setting up the Board particularly after all the bad direction I got when trying to work with the Invision software, only to NOT get this far!

Posted on: Friday 20 Aug 2004
By: Sherman Langer

Board Setup was easy
You people did a great job setting up my bulletin board. I am very pleased.
Best Regards

Posted on: Friday 19 Mar 2004
By: Stu Rider, Editor

Love Your Service
We love your service, and are happy to recommend you.
I highly recommend this company. Our Chamber of Commerce has been a client for several years now.
Jan H.

Posted on: Friday 06 Feb 2004
By: Jan Harris
Organization: Redwood CoastChamberofCommerce

Great Idea
Thanks for your help. I love your bulletin board service! Great idea.

Posted on: Monday 19 Jan 2004
By: Jim Olness
Organization: TIC Matching Forum

Terrific Package
This is a terrific package.
Henry H. Emurian

Posted on: Monday 01 Dec 2003
By: Henry H. Emurian
Organization: UMBC in Maryland

Great Support
I would like to thank the person that helped me on Saturday night when I had several questions about the management of my CDS board. The phone was answered promptly and the gentleman went out of his way to patiently assist me. After calling other support services in the past, your company was a welcome relief to the challenges that await us in the field when we have a poblem. Once again, thanks for the support and keep up the good work.

Posted on: Wednesday 26 Nov 2003
By: Tom Williams, Exec Director
Organization: CDS Network

Great Customer Service
Thank you so much for all your help. Your customer service is second to none!!

Posted on: Friday 03 Oct 2003
By: Kendra Jackson
Organization: Jackson Homestead

As usual, thanks for the great service.

Posted on: Thursday 18 Sep 2003
By: Roger Plouffe
Organization: Newman Theological College

Thank You
Dear Sir/Madam
I would just like to express my thanks to all concerned. Your forum set up is brilliant and the help when required is fast and very good, I would recommend you to any other party.
Thank you

Posted on: Sunday 14 Sep 2003
By: Barrie Tozer

Your Bulletin Board Service is the Bes
Hey, I've gotta tell you, you're Bulletin Board's the "Best." We run a shop that services airlines and resorts' IT needs -- and your call and extra service on this (for $107/yr) was unexpected!
We have an InstaPOLL product. It's a great product for people wanting to add "Instant" polls & surveys. I'm just hoping we're as good as service (as you)! You set the bar high for serving clients -- and I love it!
Wow!! Gives some encouragement re: human nature... (and possibilities of "servicing someone to Life!")
Thanks again

Posted on: Thursday 11 Sep 2003
By: Neal Lekwa, President

As Advertised
Al -
It is refreshing to find someone who delivers a product "as advertised" in such a quick timeframe. Your quick response to our phone call is appreciated as well as the choices you gave us for the header. I would definitely recommend you to anybody looking for a board.
Riptide Bodyboards

Posted on: Friday 29 Aug 2003
By: Scott Cramer
Organization: Riptime Bodyboards

You deserve a raise in pay
Thank you so much for the great help! You deserve an immediate raise in pay!
Tell your boss.
Steve Short

Posted on: Monday 14 Jul 2003
By: Steve Short

Pleasure doing business with you
Thanks for really quick work, Al - it's a pleasure doing business with you.

Posted on: Tuesday 01 Jul 2003
By: Shannon Westrup

Board looks fantastic
Hello, I've just signed up to your service. It looks fantastic - and it's going to be such a bonus for our site.

Posted on: Thursday 03 Apr 2003
By: John

Wonderful Board
You guys are wonderful. Our group of friends searched for over nine months for an easy to use forum. I was lucky enough to find yours, we may be new but believe me, you have a dedicated fan club in us. We are still learning but that is the fun of it.
Thanks so much.

Posted on: Tuesday 01 Apr 2003
By: Toni

Worth the Money
It's well worth the money. Your service has been excellent - you held my hand through the whole process and the board is up and running without hitches. We look forward to adding additional boards with you in the future.

Posted on: Saturday 29 Mar 2003
By: Deni Corbett

Worth the Money
Wow! What they say about you is true. Thanks so much. You've no idea how rare it is to get a lucid answer to a technical support question these days. Many thanks.

Posted on: Friday 21 Feb 2003
By: Melanie Sexton

Thanks for the help
Thanks for all your help! It is all fixed now. You have excellent customer care! : ) Sorry to intrude on your weekend. I hope you get to watch the superbowl.
Take care,

Posted on: Sunday 26 Jan 2003
By: Melanie Sexton

Great Service
Thank you, GREAT service, I will be posting a link to your site on my site

Posted on: Wednesday 15 Jan 2003
By: [email protected]

I want to thank you for your help this summer. We used the bulletin board each day for three months. We couldn't have gotten by without it. You were helpful with any questions.

We will certainly do business again.

Tony Roberts
US Navy

Posted on: Monday 06 Jan 2003
By: Tony Roberts
Organization: US Navy

You guys are too good!
I've ordered several boards thru you, and have finally gotten around to getting an account for my company. So I will now start in the affiliate program. I am going to exclusively use your bulletin boards for all of our clients.
Anyway, thank you again for your fantastic service, quick turnaround and wonderful product. You guys to great work, I'm very impressed.

Posted on: Saturday 02 Feb 2002
By: Lisa Ornelas

Thanks Al, for the far as I'm concerned you got me for life.

Posted on: Friday 18 Jan 2002
By: T.W. Michaels

Great BB site
Thank you for a great BB site for our group. I've never had such excellent customer service anywhere!

Posted on: Monday 05 Nov 2001
By: Cherie Kuranko, Board Manager
Organization: Writers Anonymous

Pain Free
Thanks for your help. Your service is very impressive! I would have never believed setting up a bulletin board could be so pain free!!

Posted on: Monday 05 Nov 2001
By: Deborah Olsen
Organization: Plateau Pregnancy Services

Working Beautifully
We are truly thankful for this master-minded communication tool! It's working beautifully and I thank you!

Posted on: Monday 22 Oct 2001
By: Carolyn Newstrom
Organization: Cassalery Clan

Great Support
Thanks for the great instructions...looks like this is the BB we've been looking for.

Posted on: Wednesday 29 Aug 2001
By: Tony Luboff, Webmaster

Great Support!
Have a nice weekend and thank you for continuing to be such great help!

Posted on: Wednesday 20 Jun 2001
By: Sally A. Winters, Executive Of
Organization: Centre County Assn of Realtors

Thanks, you folks are great to work with!

Posted on: Wednesday 30 May 2001
By: Bev Fitchett, Pres.
Organization: Stanley Home Products

Thank you very much for your expedient answer to my question. If only all support departments were so on the ball. You're the greatest, thanks

Posted on: Monday 26 Mar 2001
By: Larry Miller
Organization: Four Seasons Service Group

I love your boards!
The main page looks just the way I want it to, seamlessly integrated into my site. Thank you! Again, the board is beautiful, and works great.

Posted on: Tuesday 10 Oct 2000
By: Scott Will
Organization: Lifelines Center

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